Who Is Sastan?

Who is Sastan? Is it another name for Satan? I guess it’s a “Spirit of Darkness”, rather than an Angel.

I only have the book ‘Become A Living God’ for now. Can you chanting Sastan’s name over his sigil and visualizing suffice?

Sastan is a spirit, not a demon. Big difference.

Sastan is not Satan. He is a spirit of clairvoyance. You can call him an angel, demon or spirit whichever you feel more comfortable with. Gazing at his sigil while chanting his name will bring you into contact with the spirit.

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Sastan is a great spirit to work with if you want to learn how to see spirits. There is nothing sinister about him (in my experience) and he does not usually make a grand entrance. He always just kinda “popped” into existence with out making any fuss. If you have the mastering evocation course then you will be doing some work with him, if not then make sure you have a scrying mirror, fire, or bowl of water with you when you call him.

Good luck and get ready to see the Snake Man!

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Thx for yr advices!