WHO is Responsible for Defining It?

So then … WHO exactly is the Definer of the Boundaries, Guildines, Doctrines and Limits of White Magick for Your Mind?

If you ask me all this black and white stuff is just a bunch of symantics. I take whatever is useful from black and white and just run with it.

Yeah, I pretty much ignore the banners myself! :wink: But the question DOES evoke (or at least require) some self-understanding, yes? For many, many (too many) years I had my mind utterly controlled by the doctrines (and the personalities) of evangelical christiandom. When I finally made the leap out, it was brutal and extreme. My pendulum swung as far to the left as it had previously been to the right. Didn’t last long though because it was just a different kind of pain and control under a new name. So I divorced BOTH paths, grew a backbone, and began to seek Myself - the one I’d lost sight of trying to please everybody around me & conforming to this rule & that ‘truth’. And now I’m a different Being in every conceivable way … so now I can honestly say that while I enjoy & appreciate the views of others I do not adhere to them. I DEFINE My boundaries, truths, limits & doctrines, if there are to be any, and ignore the rest.

You are the master of your own Universe. See through the illusion, then you will find what you are looking for!!

Dante Abiel

Only you could ever be truly responsible for defining your own boundaries, rules, etc.