Who is Norath, where did He come from?

I want to work with Him but I cannot find resources outside of one post on here. Is He a real entity? Has anyone had success with Him?

Is He mentioned in any texts outside of BALG?

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All I know about Norath is that he appeared to me in a dream (but as a female) before I even learn about him. I googled, couldn’t find anything so I brushed it off. And then I found the post that was linked above from charles9.

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Norath is the of form of a former forum member. He left before I joined.
He felt drawn to share the form for those who felt drawn to working with it.

I did, and have called on Norath a few times, I really like his energy, and his realm, they’e very me.

He does have a very specific interest which could be considered limitation depending on what you need. He takes only HUMAN spirits - that is, those spirits who are or have at some point in their existence incarnated as human. He specifically wants that and will not accept substitutes.

I asked him once if he was interested in taking away a parasite I’d found - no go. On another occasion I had already been tearing the spirit up, but it wouldn’t give up the last gasp, and I called him in frustration and he didn’t want it, he said there wasn’t enough left.
I had to hotfoot it to find him someone else fast - he doesn’t go away empty handed :smiley:

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in sacrificing your blood to him, for “services”, how much is acceptable?

You don’t need a sacrifice, the payment is the spirit - he gets to keep it :slight_smile: I don’t even do physical rituals, or use sigils or blood half the time.

The original gnosis is that the spirit serves him in his realm now, and won’t be allowed to reincarnate.
Personally, I reserve this only for psychopaths (that are not sociopaths or appear psychopathic because they are parasitised) that I don’t want incarnating on the planet at all. This is sledgehammer time.

In any case I don’t think you’re sacrificing your blood when you use it on the sigil for Norath - that’s just to give the link power to reach him. You might not need it.

“It is not advisable to invoke NORATH, however, you can call upon him by soaking the sigil in blood, and wrapping it around the name, picture, or other link of your target.”

So, and maybe this is just me:
Physical rituals aren’t my go-to method of working, I’m sitting in meditation with my eyes shut, not really doing much in the physical. Simple and focused. Don’t get me wrong, I love candles and incense, but I’m quite likely to fiddle with them and lose focus.
I DO tend to use ritual for a first ‘formal introduction’, if you will, and after that I know who it is so, I go out to meet them. I just find that easier because I came into this from energy working and shamanic paths, so those are the tools I know best. I’ll use blood if I get the clairsentience that they’d like it, it’s a very spontaneous thing, I don’t plan it. Norath didn’t ask, (not all of them do, or even ask on every occasion) it’s about getting the energy there, if the energy doesn’t need it, then, it doesn’t need it.

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So- huh? Do people here share their higher selves or something?

Yes. Some of them do.

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Because others might find it useful, what’s the point of god/goddess forms if their not called upon for something.


Huh. So who has actually used other people’s higher selves here, aside from the two posts I’ve ever seen?



I could see why you would ask this. Sharing that isn’t something I recommend.


is there any way to contact the original poster of Norath? I see he is banned.

do you have a way to contact him? I mean the physical ba not the entity.

More like he left of his own volition.
Otherwise, no he cannot be reached.

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So how do people’s higher selves work out for others? Is it different from other spirits? I’m really interested, but I have nobody to give Norath! :slight_smile:

Not really. It’s almost the same in my experience. The HS is very powerful.

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We shall see.


Delicious :smirk:

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