Who is Lucifer, Really?

Awww…that’s beautiful! I guess he can tell a moving tale! Lol

This is what I don’t know!! Lol. Let me know if he tells you a name. I think though, that it is a primal name that we will never know. In a time before names. I think of God as the All…the way the ancient Egyptians put it… all names are his, and no name is his.

Hail Lucifer!


Let us know what you think once you read it!!


I just wanted to add…for this invocation, I anointed the candles, sigil and petition with saliva as opposed to semen or blood.

It was my first time using saliva but it seemed to work very well.

So…maybe that helps someone!!


How did it go this time? Btw are you doing this outside?


This post is for the same thing. I was just sharing the pic and how I used the saliva is all.

And no, not outside…indoors


Do you do yours outside?

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I love that set-up, very uncomplicated by beautiful, I love the sunflower on the incense burner, A flower associated with Lucifer too!


I really dont have much space but i do in my room
Only my mom knows and she is fine with it but my brothers have no idea
Need to make a proper space when i finally move out within a few months


This setup looks really cool and simple.


Thank you!

And you pay very close attention! Lol. I didn’t know that sunflower was with Lucifer!

Yes…sometimes you have to keep things simple.

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I don’t have space either.

I don’t have a permanent altar space for the demons…my only space is already taken up by the other pantheon I deal with.

That’s why something like the pic is good…it can be very simple yet effective and can be set up and taken down when needed.

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@BabyDragon thank you for sharing all of this. I’ve just recently started working with Lu, but the interesting thing to me is what you wrote really resonates with the personality I’ve sensed so far.

Also, it’s very likely that he would definitely be the first to say “Don’t take what I say as gospel” because he is all about someone finding their own path (which can be diverse depending on the individual). It’s so refreshing since it departs from almost every other religion and belief system that wants to force you to be another sheep or cattle walking in lock step with the rest of the flocking herd.

Thanks much for sharing this! :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course! I’m glad that it can help others! I was so glad that he shared this all with me! So many voices…his is best!

That’s great to know! Thank you!

Lol. Yes so true!!!

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Thank you so much for sharing this! A few weeks ago I had the urge to do an automatic writing for Lucifer. I’ve been working with him for a while now, but all of a sudden his words filled my mind and I couldn’t find a pen and paper fast enough! The message was clear and completely aligns with many of the things he shared with you. The message I received was not about his origin so much as it was about what his purpose is and how it relates to humanity. If anyone is interested, I will make a post and share what he conveyed to me. It was very random, as I was not in ritual or trying to communicate with him at that time. However, his message was definitely very deep and not in words I would normally use. I find Lucifer very wise, caring and understanding, but also very “to the point”. I have found that working with him is not for the faint of heart, as you will be faced with your fears and the truth will be revealed whether you ask for it or not. He will push you into the good, bad and indifferent so you can move through your pain and fear and become who you were meant to be in the physical world. Since working with him, I have overcome many challenges that I was too afraid to move through in the past. Because of that, many amazing opportunities have presented themselves and my life has changed for the better. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Lucifer. I have worked with many deities in the past, but I have never seen such nearly instant results like I have working with Lucifer. He truly is amazing!


Very nice to hear Gwen


I absolutely loved this, the whole post. Hail Lucifer :black_heart:

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Thank you @LadyGwen

I would LOVE it if you would share what he gave you as well!

And yes, I agree that Lucifer is very to the point and though he’s not cruel…he doesn’t care if your feelings are a bit hurt. Lol

Hail Lucifer!

I thought it was very good indeed as well! I was so intrigued with what he said!


I agree. Like for example, in what he shared with me here… about him being connected to Satan…and in fact every deity being connected to Satan…this is an uncomfortable truth for me for personal reasons…it flies in the face of what I wanted to be true… lol…but it is made easier in that he is speaking of Satan as a metaphor…

But Satan is not something I have been comfortable with and him saying he is Satan definitely is a challenge to me and my views…

But he told the truth, regardless of if I wanted it or not. Haha

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This is pre-manifestation. Manifestation is established order.