Who is darkest demon for you?

I want to work with darkest demon entities
Emobodiment of darkness
I want to seek the true power of darkness i want to learn
Also to Accomodate my sinister cruel and deadliest nature

Who is he or who are they

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Lucifuge is very dark.

Becareful what you ask for.


I get good feelings from him. Guy deserves more attention on the forum imo.


Yeah i always hear about him
Ill try
Basically want to find a demon to be my counterpart and to work with my “deadly” nature
I have cursed someone and i addicted LOL

For pure baneful stuff, Andras seems like a good bet as well.


Ahhh i almost forget about him
Thank youuuu bro

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So far, I am the darkest Demon I have ever met.


So I’m assuming you want to get in touch with your shadow? Lucifuge would be perfect for this imo.


Yes thats it! I want to embrace darkness more
Thank lord baal LOL :smile:

For me, all demons, they just show the nice sides because of their secrets agenda purposes, lol!
Sorry, just having fun with some conspiracy theory about demons, don’t take it seriously!^^

The darkest demon is in the mirror. That is a good one to tell Christians. “You want one sign you are demon possesses. Look in the mirror.”
Seriously, I have heard that the demons that did not deep their place were chained in the pit. Even Satan did not go that far.
Got to wonder what these bound demons did that was so bad.

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