Who is best to work with to master The Skill of Day Trading?

I have been working with BUNE for awhile an she has been great, in every way. I felt BUNE brought me to Astaroth and I have been working with her as well. But I’m still have a of issues in my trading and also in my other business. Things just don’t seem to really be working in-spite a lot of hard work and practice, studying courses. I do feel more clarity, focus, motivation and almost a little high after invoking Astaroth. But I’m still losing. I’m trading small mounts or on a sim and also Backtesting. So I’m serious about mastering this skill.

Who would be good to work with help me master this like a Mentor. I’m not looking for a Genie and Puff it’s done. I’m looking to be the best version of my self, change my subconscious patterns from failure to success, and have unconscious competence. Some days I start out really well and then lose it back. That’s on me as that’s a pattern and not the market as I could have just stopped or walked away. Other times I have a hard time with too many strategies.

So I need to find an Angel or Daemon or Spirit Guide to help me out with this and become a great consistently profitable Trader.

I thought I saw one or two in a GOM Book but I’m not sure.

Who would you suggest?

Thanks in advance.

People have recommended Vassago and Asmodeus for the gambling aspect.


It not really gambling if you do it right. But there is a aspect of chance.

But markets are really based on human emotion and very predictable because of that. I don’t know if that brings more clarity to who might be good or not?

But thanks I will look into Vassago and Asmodeus…for that aspect.

It’s funny because I felt Vassago came to me once when I first read about him years ago and confirmed someone was working against me. Maybe it’s time to work with him.


You have to learn your personal value of money first. You have a psychological barrier based on what you’re used to earning.

If someone put 10$ and 1000$ in front of you, which would you say, you value more?
If you say the latter, this is exactly the emotional trap which binds most traders. Loop holes start to present itself in your psychology based on this very aspect and will become prevalent when you apply risk management strategies. Ultimately you want to respect money either way, regardless of what amount it is, this sets a foundation for solid and stable decision making which is geared towards long term success.

You need this solid foundation for your psychology as when you start to iron out the details in your trading system /approach then you naturally enter statistics. If you have a system in place that wins 50% of the time over a 100 trades then you have to know what to do with your applied risk if those losses were to occur 50 times in a row.

Generally a low win rate = high gains
High win rate = low gains with the reward and risk ratio equal to each other

There’s a video on the tube about old school chicago traders, watch it if you’re serious about this stuff.
Trading mind fucks most people because we’re mostly conditioned to believe anything above 80% is really good and trading has no place for this. You have to have a dynamic mind set.

I’ve seen some people in the past say they use RV to predict market opens in the stock market, haven’t tried it myself but i can say working with spirits to put you in front of the charts at the right moment or guide you towards information that you may consider for a trade idea is not a waste of time.

Markets are controlled, they aren’t random, the longer the public believes this, the longer these ass holes can get rich because everyone is too “dumb” to make financial decisions on their own. With that being said, I suggest you study smart money concepts and leave the retail bull shit behind :smiley:


Do you have a link for that video when I was kid I wanted to be a Floor Trader on the CBOE.

There is massive ROI. My goal right now starting small and compounding my account with high leverage. I always avoided leverage but then I realized that just mental limitation. And I do make some good trades, I think I might have studied too much. Price Action, Support & Resistance, indicators Oliver Velez, Studying Al Brown with is bar by bar price action.

I do pretty good with long term investing but I really want to be a Great Day Trader just for being one and then the money is a by product.

I just heard about Smart Money Concepts and the LuxAlgo Smart Money Indicator. I’ll look more into that.


Its one of them. Can’t find the other

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Thanks… You were the Conformation I needed to move into Smart Money Concepts. I had been seeing it but not really studied it much. Studying it right now.

I have asked Belial and Astaroth to give my sister luck on gambling, so she has got some luck in many occasions, about a week ago she won $100 with a 2-dollar lotto ticket. So I am not totally sure if it was Belial or Astaroth or perhaps both of them. Anyway Belial is good at business and financial stability.

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You can also invoke “Lady Luck”. The goddess Tyche (Greek) aka Fortuna (Roman). Also, meditate on the “Wheel of Fortune” tarot card.

The stock market is a form of legalized gambling just like the lottery and sports betting.

Soon, you’ll also be able to bet on wrestling (Like the WWE)! and everybody knows that scripted, rehearsed crap is not true wrestling.

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