Who is best to call when seeking knowledge?

I have been working to solve a problem and it is not really easy since there is no known yet answer to problem that is why there is a prize at stake.
I really wanted to solve the problem because the prize will really help me financially. However I have exhausted all resources to my research but still no progress. Is there an Angel or Spirit that can give me knowledge to solve the particular problem?

Hope someone can help. Thank you


What’s the question in question?

Your True Self who is always present and who is Infinitely greater than any defined entity in any grimoire. Just go within in meditation. If you must call an entity, there are plethora: Mother Mary, Lucifer, Marduk, Odin, Freyja, Och, Aratron, the Archangels etc. I’m not terribly familiar with the Goetia but there must be plenty there too.


Azazel has a house dedicated to gather info.

Any Mercurial spirit would also be helpful. Intelligence of mercury specializes in information.

Archangel Uriel is angel of wisdom.

Marduk has mask called Namru.

All the above can help you with the info.


My personal go to tends to be the Fallen angel Penemue. Very insightful and powerful. He supposedly taught humanity the art of writing and recording history as well as many related things involving knowledge and writing. He knows quite a lot so seems quite good to interact with. Been quite friendly in my experience as well, very much there librarian type personality.

Hello friend.
It has been my experience that The Ancient Norse GOD ODINNr (ODIN) is The best Entity to call upon for Knowledge.
Having said that, I am sure you will get a myriad of answers, although some of them may still be The Same Spirit, as He, by HIS Own Account, has had so many different names, among so many different worlds.
May you find the Truth you are looking for.

Thank you for all of your responses. However there’s a question in my mind that bothers me. If I call upon a demon or fallen angel or spirit is there a chance that I will be posses or ask to do unlawful things?

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I would call on Buer. Be very specific in your casting and requests for wisdom, ask for full and complete accurate knowledge. If you feel your casting has gone amiss with visions of harm or answers not to your requests of specific knowledge simply back away and seek another source or spirit for gaining wisdom or knowledge.

In my experience Penemue is considered fallen because he represents things that people would rather not have others know. He is basically the one that helped humanity gain free will by being able to learn from the past and not repeat those mistakes of course this leads to corruption as well as both good and evil could be preserved in such a way but it is better than ignorance. I really do not think he would react negatively unless approached as such.

Wouldnt he be offended if I ask him for knowledge to solve a problem because there is a prize at stake?

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I don’t believe so. He might want to play a bit of a puzzle as compensation or make you read or learn something else but he should he quite willing to help you find the answer if you approach him respectfully and indulge him.

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Astaroth! She can help you.

Sounds like you’re a guest on Jeopardy.

Duke Dantalion opened the path for me.

There are many spirits who can help you in this area…
Thoth, Azazel, Lucifer, Astaroth, Odin, Freya, ect…

All depends on who you want to work with.

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It depends on what knowledge you seek.

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How to call or contact the penemue?