Who is best for wealth?

How to evoke him? i mean Kek.

Is he a specialist in wealth and money?

He’s a Primordial God he’s not like the Goetia who are wrote with specialties.

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It has nothing to do with wealth and money?

What can he teach me?

Nothing to do with Wealth. Ask and see, you can’t treat Primordial Gods like you’d do a goetia demon or angel or younger generation God. They are the embodiments of their respective elements and the progenitors of the elements.


He embodies king Bael?

Bael, simply is the essence behind kek.

What? I just said they are not to be treated like the goetia.

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No he’s not Bael is a demon and has nothing to do with Kek. Kek is a literal primordial god.


I want to do magic for wealth and money, who is best suited for that?

Not Kek.


Who is the best in wealth and super-rich?

I would be grateful and appreciate that if you let me know.

Please use the search function for things like this.


I will try to find, thank you.