[Who is] Andras' superior?

Like in Title. Who is Andras superios? LUCIFER or someone else. I receive today o interested information and i wanna know who is his supervisor.

Lucifer and the first 10 goetia are thought to be the leaders of the entirety of the goetia, but there’s many other higher ranking demons above the goetia.

I edited your title to clarify the question. Maybe it’s just me, but I read that as “who is Andras Superios”.

(In English, the possessive for a word ending with an ‘S’ is indicated with an apostrophe after the ‘S’.)

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As I write in a post i have a friend who is possed by a spirit. And today we talk again in normal ways and out of ordinary i feel a energy around me but not in bad way and i ask that girl who is around me. And then she tell me Andras his (taking over that girl) his right hand. I challenge that spirit and i talk dirty with him and i see something interesting he get angry and then like fucking usually manipulate that girl in a way to make me angry.

Enough with that shit. I need to find out a fucking ritual or ask all gatekeepers and many others to close that situation because SHE IS IN DANGER

Please forgive me but English is not my mother language.

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I’m very attracted by this girl and need to focus my attention on good things in order to save her. Can anyone help me with a reading on that girl and suggest me something new?

This is probably a little spirit acting like a big spirit. People being scared will make it seem stronger than it really is. I would tell her to calm down and push it out using her own strength.

Using the search look up a banishing ritual to clean up the area.

Maybe someone else has another opinion to give.


If you want to talk to a superior of Andras, Lucifer is a safe option. They seem to be tied as well.


She ask me to come to her many times. But wen i touch magic she get back so i can’t do to her but i will try to make a ritual wen she sleep. And yes he is like a big guy but i feel that in the same time is a small one. I make him today a “fucking idiot” and he become angry at me

Thanks for the reply. I was feeling that. I will do a ritual with Lucifer


Lucifer is the emperor of all of them , there is a book however that directly states the hierarchy


I remember reading Marquis Andras answers to King Amaymon in a book of the goetic demons.


Sorry but that’s not Andras. Also you shouldn’t accuse him of something he isn’t doing.



If it were Andras, she likely won’t be around for very long as people who are targeted by him tend to die or simply go missing. When he is sent after people, he is unrelenting.

I’m also under the impression that it is not Andras.


In that case, Amaymon is ruled over by Lucifer (as seen in Lucifer & The Hidden Demons).

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Try working with Lord Yeesch. You’ll find his sigil in this forum.

So it is a spirit under Andras. Wouldn’t Andras be the one to call than?

I still think that he is a parasite who think and act like a big demon. I manage to get a voice recorded from her and i listen that many many times trying to understand if is my mind playing here or is just something true.
What is interested is talking ONLY with me. And rest of the time he try to manipulate that girl in many ways. I know her very well, she like graveyards, she like to read, to smoke weed, she doesn’t drink and now nothink from all above she do and start drink. And one special think is she was very interested in dark magic but only on reading aspect. I try to keep one eye on her, soon i will move there ( I hope that)

I highly suggest a strong banishing and protection ritual(s) (Andras and his legion can be insanely difficult to remove depending on the experience of the practitioners involved, however I still don’t think it’s him. Either way a good cleanse is necessary )