Who has worked with SALLOS?

Who has worked with SALLOS and what was your results? I’m going to evoke him and was curious.

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I am new to this, so I can’t tell you from experience. However, I’ve read on here that many people have had great results with Sallos. I’d recommend doing quick search and inform yourself as much as you can before you evoke him or anyone else for that matter. Good luck!


He’s my Patron Demonic Spirit. Honestly he is super kind but works at his own pace (I am learning patience :man_facepalming:). He’s awesome and if you have him help you forge a relationship he will show you their true colors and why it will/won’t work.

I haven’t landed a relationship yet , but he helps me build confidence, my evocation skills, and see girls true colors. And I believe he helped sync me and this girl to come together but when the time is right. So he’s great!! :black_heart:


awesome that’s great to hear :+1::blush:


The Duke is great! Very warm character in my experience. When he first manifests for me his energy is lite, airy, and is not forceful. He’s great for casting spells (however when I do love magick I usually put it on myself to change me internally). The work we’ve done together has had amazing results. First a change in myself and then that opened the door for me finding love. And let me tell you, the best relationship so far in my life. So Duke Sallos is awesome to say the least! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommending forming a relationship with him.


thank you for your experice :blush:

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He’s very warm and sweet like your favorite uncle. He was part of an initiation rite for me. He does show up with his companion and it was very appreciated leaving an offering for it as well. Raw meat and water will do :smiley:


I like getting first hand personality feedback about everyone’s experice. I feel it helps people a lot when deciding which entity to work with.