Who has read the book The kybalion?

Some people have suggested reading the book Kybalion for understanding magick. Well?

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Basic common sense primer, if you’re new, read it, it’s very short, kind of a must have, so not reading it is just lazy.


Is one of the most important magical books. You should know it well


thank youi

thank you

I have tried reading the kyballion. For some reason I read the first few pages and wanted to read The Emerald tablets of Thoth again. It’s almost like a block. read a few pages. Then I have to stop. go read a whole book and come back. 🥸

You’re probably better off reading Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi.
It’s certainly a lot longer, but it’s got better information for a magician to “understand magick” than the kybalion.
Though I can’t deny, that there are some things in the Kybalion that are worth knowing.

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Thanks for the book tip, I’ll check it out.