Who gave me that symbol? What do I do with it?

A fiew years ago I started meditation. I hade a strict programme for more than a year, almost at the same time I started seeing a beautiful dream I was going to a secret place which was mine and no one else could find, I was really happy there. One time while I was walking to go there again, in my dream , on the left handside of the road I realised that there was my ‘‘past’’ and on the other hand was the place where I was happy and calm. On the right I saw a handsome man waiting for me, he did’t say something but he looked familiar. A few days later while I was talking with my family in our living room I saw him in front of me. He gave me the symbol of infinitive and there was a little girl and he said you will find out about the girl later. I have never seen him again. The only thing that changed was my dream . Any suggestions? Who was him? What to I do with that symbol?


So you are saying you saw the infinite symbol, well i think its this
Im not sure but the infinite symbol looks like this

I hope you fine more information in this link

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@eVox_61 thank you so much! I will study everything I hope that I will find out something!