Who else is already preparing for Samhain?

So I’m making a wish list of things I want done.

-I probably will be contacting my friend who took her own life, probably I’ll evoke her after a simple contact.

So that’s probably going to be the first thing I will do.

Following up to that there is a few things I want to do in soul travel, I also want to see if I can use some demons to help me work on my psychic abilities.

And probably to finish it all off I’ll work with Hypnos in some dream work.

I don’t know yet, I’m still in the process of planning. I don’t want to drain myself too much though.

Any thoughts on this?

And who else is preparing ritual wise I’m actually still in the planning phase😅

Every Walmart and Sam’s club lol.

I meant ritual wise
Lemme edit it lol