WHO do you think best to summon for me


My situation is this… I have a 5yrs relationship but i did something to her and it makes her decide to end our relationship… Its been almost 2months now we still have connection for a small conversation like everyday I’m making sure i messaged her good day take care… and she will just reply same to you… no long conversation at all as simple as that I’m trying to put a long conversation but she will not reply at all… but for her its all over for us… last 2 weeks i started invoking DUKE SALLOS askin him for help giving him respect and some offerings…

this is how I’m doing my in summoning
ill place the 4 red candles to nw/ne/sw/se
then ill light them up and ill say

“Paralda, king of sylphs, you demons of air”, “Diin, king of salamanders, you spirits of fire”, “Nicksa, king of undines, you spectres of water”, “Ghob, king of gnomes, you ghosts of earth”

ill do some scrying to the sigil or to the nearest candle
and start focusing waiting for some “flashing” lines of sigil started to have lights glows or floating or some fog… before i say the enn… the only thing that I felt is like goosebumps thats it sometimes the flame in the candles will start flashing like someone is making it dance… not in all candles but only in one…
after saying the enn ill again do some scrying either to the sigil or flame of the candle
and then ill just talk to what i want and askin him to let me know what he wants in return…
on my 3rd try i have read some love spells and that night i make it at the same time invoking DUKE SALLOS i 1st invoke then ask him to help me with this love spell then i start doing the love spell… there is a chanting in the love spell " In Astarte’s name and power may you be linked ( Name of both of them ) ". to be honest i thought the word ASTARTES is just a latin word as said im new to this… realizing it the next day while reading some post here i find out that its not a latin word or some greek word… its another name of a Demon…
thinking is this a coincidence or something is telling me something… so again 2days have passed…

so last night i tried to invoke DUKE SALLOS again but this time i have a pendelum board with me to at least know if the spirit will talk to me in that way … (but it doesn’t work) i feel very disappointed because in 4 times i still haven’t seen anything happening to my request or maybe im having problems communicating with the spirit…? i think DUKE SALLOS doesn’t feel me?? or his not the one i need for my my situation??? did i make any mistakes on my enn? i cant even tell if im successful in invoking… i hope someone can give me an advise…


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Goosebumps and a flashing flame, good signs. I believe that now you just have to think/visualize the end result… Try to not have expectations on when it will take place but, still, imagine it like already real in the present.
Continue thinking about the desired situation, feeling the related emotions, for as long as you can; if needed, intead of doing so in a single day, spend some minutes for several days.
When you’ll have basically emptied yourself of the desire and concern, say “Oh duke Sallos. Oh goddess Astarte. I thank you both for … (e.g. your help in recovering the relationship)”, exhale and imagine to send an offering of golden-white energy through all your skin’s pores. Do so a first time for Sallos, then a second time for Astarte.

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Just cut the cord and be done with he. One clean slice all the way through!

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Hey… Belial or King Paimon.


it looks like easy to think the end result but… last night i messaged my her “i really miss you… all i wanted now is we will be together again like the old days that we love each other” she replied to me " dominic i dont think we will be able to bring it back goodnight" how can i focus like what you said now…

correct me if I’m wrong
DUKE SALLOS as i know per what i have read here he can make “men and women be faithful to each other and he can make men and women fall in love with each other” based on my situation do u think his the right one for me to summon? like i think ZEPHAR /KING PAIMON / ASTARTES also have the power of making men and women fall inlove with each other… they all have that but they have different powers except for just making men and women fall in love… like what else do DUKE SALLOS have? that can help my situation?

In addition to my situation

she told her parents everything and all her family knows now what happened… and i cant talk to her personally coz im working outside my country… there is a time that i cut myself like i just wanted to end it all… im in a point of my life that i can even giveup my soul… but i didnt get any clear info about it here…

I suggest Duke Sallos. But it seems you are expecting instant results. I made this same error. It doesn’t work quite that way. The grand Duke Sallos can and will do exactly what you ask, but at his own pace. Never rush the ancients.

Secondly I would back off the daily communication for at least a few weeks. You may be causing more harm than good to the situation. Which in turn only creates more work that Duke Sallos has to deal with, distancing the desired results much longer.

Just my thoughts.

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Well what you want to overcome is the error you did.
If that error is a big deal for her and it seems like that then you have a big obstacle to overcome and hence the time and effort might be huge.
Seeing as she told her family and all that means the resistance is even greater so you have a hard task.
You cant expect an instant result i think depending on the severity of your actions, in my mind you seems filled with guilt right now and you wanna reset everything, atm you havent really got any trumph on your hand so the best way now is to back off. You are pushing yourself on her and that will only solidify her thoughts about the situation. Back off and give her some space, she still have feelings for you that doesnt go away like that but shes not focusing on those emotions and feelings now but on the bad and everytime you reach out for her you will fuel those emotions, by giving her space hopefully she will miss you and that is in your favour, if she misses you and start remembering the good times and moments you had thats when you have a chance to patch things up. Its not 100% that it will work but nothing ever is.
Give her space and let the Duke make the work. Give it a coiple of weeks mayby 1 month even and dont reach out for her, if she reaches out for you thats good but dont jump on it like everything is back to normal, if she reaches out for you still have some space and let her do the moves to come back to you if you try do it she might back of but if she does it then she will feel safe in that its her will and not something you force on her.
So in a month time having had very little contact then write her a letter where you express your feeling, accept the misstake you did and dont try to justify it, but let her know what she means to you and what all the good times you shared means, tell of times in your relationship that made you both happy describe them as best as you can try to make sure that when she reads it she will once again connect with those emotions, then let her know that you miss her and would like to make things right if that is also what she wants.
If the Duke has worked hes magic for you aswell for this time your chances should be good but as i said nothing is perfect, do this and you will have made most of what you can but if it doesnt work then you must face it that its over and that you should move on.
The most important thing you must understand now is that your neediness is what fucks things up now, neediness is what makes you reach out for her everyday, being together for such long time makes you “addicted” to each other or to the connection with each other. But your neediness is what gives her the power, understand this that she misses you in the same way she is “addicted” to you aswell. Thats why you must stop the conntact with her totaly for atleast 10 days. The neediness is also affecting your magic in that you cant let go of the subject once the work is done.
Im feeling for you man, i dont know what your misstake was and i might honestly judge you on that if its against my code (nothing personal) but i know the pain of hearteach been there done that.
Hope it turns out for the best for you.


thanks for that…

but… as i read some old post related to me… its like ok you ask the spirit but you need to have a connection with the person…? if giving her space again meaning ill lost my connection right? dont get me wrong but its like “your asking for a good job you ask the SPIRIT to help you get one… but nothing will work of you just stay inside your house and wait for the job to come to you” now im confused

You have a connection to every person you have ever come in contact with, your connection to her will not magicly disapper for you not talking to her (giving her space).
If you dont talk to your best friend in 1 month doest that mean you are no longer friends? Answer should be no i have friends that i cant hear from in like 1 year but when we talk we start our talks like we left of 5 mins earlier.

Sure if you want a job ju must put in your part but with that anolgy this needs to be tweaked.
Your case is then this, you want a job for a former employer of your where you got fired for not doing your job correctly. Now to you think this former employer will give you a new job if you are nagging about it or are your chances better if he has had time to stop being mad at you and he clearly looks at all your good accomplishments and make a decision based on that?

If you wanted a gf then you could work with a spirit and go out in settings that will give you chances to interact with girls.

But your problem is not getting her to fall in love with you she hopefully allready are.
You are asking for a way to heal the relationship and thats a different matter.

Giving her space as said is for her to calm down, hopefully start focusing on the good times and start longing for that, when that happends you have a window of opportunity.
But if you nagg on her take ma back, take ma back, you will come of as anoying and clingy.
Backing of is hard i know it is, but its essential.
One more point that noone wanna hear but one must be aware of is the fact that it might be to late to fix that depends on how much “bad” history the 2 of you have.

This is my view on it and you might disagree and thats fine you dont have to follow a word i say im only giving my honest opinion on what i think might help but what you do with it is up to you.

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