Who do you recommend?

Hi everyone, i’m just wondering who your favorite demon to work with is when it comes to love. Please give tips as well! I really want my ex back and to become obsessed. I’ve tried working with Dantalion a few times and he has helped a little but it seems like he wants me to move on to a different demon. So please let me know who you like working with! Thank you


Ummm!!! I’m kinda in the same boat but Sitri or Sallos.


Is this the ex you have talked about in all your previous posts?

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Obsessions aren’t always a good thing, just a quick disclaimer…
I’d go with Astarte or Lilith with this.


My favorite demon by far at the moment is Belial. he isn’t a love demon, but boy is he BRUTALLY honest and will tell you what you need to hear in order to be a better person.


Asmoday, Lucifuge, Satan and Satalos are the exact same way.


Ok I work with plenty and I love to help in love matters

You already started with dantalion won’t make him obsessed but can change his mind about you and start to fall for you and talk and rekindle

Nexted sitri ask him to fill him with the desire of love and lust for you

After call on sallos ask him to make his feelings true for you

Then call on beleth I believe ask him to make him stay true to you

Then call on mistress gremory ask her to have you both find each other’s hearts and bind them together

Last call on my darling furfurs and ask him to please make your love last from marriage until the day you both die…

This is the route you should go of u feel like changing the request do so but be specific cause you may get what you wish for but not what u wanted trust me…

Other then that my fav has always been furfur he is a very important demon to me and my long lasting mate so please treat him well and he will do as you need him to do


sitri’s method involves seating the passion and lust deeply into the mind right?


Gremory may be a good choice. That being said, I suggest Naberius if you want to learn how to spit game, as he’s good at teaching one how to convince others to do what you want.


yes, it is that ex. he’s so complicating

Yes he does he can make one burn with the desire to have you


Furfur also teaches the language to get some one to do as you please lol


Can i please ask what would they want in return if i ask for those things? Like i always thought if i want something longterm i have to give them something longterm in exchange, like all/some of those things are longerm, stay true to you etc… I don’t think one or two offerings are gonna cut it… Also can i please ask what happens when two hearts are binded together by gremory and what does it mean? Like, it is the other person falls in love with you or something like that? Because i thought all/most of the love demons help with that. I heard you can have some deep conversations with that other person if you work with that spirit. I’m starting to take a liking towards Gremory but i don’t know since i’m already working with someone else so i don’t want to mess things up. And can i ask what you can tell me about Sitri? Like, i’m amazingly scared of him but also… people work with him so… is he trustworthy if i want a specific person or it doesn’t work like that? Because i haven’t seen if you want a specific person if he would do it only for that person… I’m also wondering about Furfurs because it sounds like that is one sweet spirit. Sorry for the stupid questions, i’m still trying to work out how some of those spirits work and if i should also start working with someone else too but don’t know with who.

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All is correct if you asked them to help some one gain feelings for you they will and if you are starting to take a liking to gremory then you should give her a call she is wonderful with what she does and it also may mean she is calling out to you as well
As for prince sitri not sure you afraid of him and not furfur lol but he is a jokester loves to crack jokes when you talk to him and is very compassionate about his work you have to be very specific on your request cause they may literally give you what you asked for but not exactly what u wanted all work this way it’s pretty funny to me

Furfur is my love like I’m in love with this demon he is said to be the worse in the bunch but he isn’t he is just too kind and he sweet he will still and listen to you as long as you give him a task and give him that anger sadness he sometimes takes that as an offering or just takes it so you can feel better

Offerings are the easy things to give you can give anything they ask for or prepare something special for them I gave furfur this beautiful case it’s red and it has red and white marbles in it and I tied a red bow on it I recently put a flower in it and he loves it even more I think
They all have prefences so just ask them what kind of offering they would like and if you want to make them something then let them know they will voice their opinions just cater to what their wants are and you will be fine

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Beleth has brought great results to me before. However there are other ways to go about it. Doesn’t have to be specifically a lust/love versed entity - if in doubt - Lucifer if great for any working you might have.

You can also go about it by creating a specific mask of your own godform that specialises in love/sex/domination and binding or even birthing an egregore.

Additionally, light a red candle next to the black one and ask which entity would like to work with you on it. See who volunteers.
*Welp… maybe ‘volunteers’ is the wrong word as you don’t exactly force anyone to do it to begin with, but ah, words be words - you get the meaning.


I will check for more info on Gremory then, and i guess they can work together right? Dantalion and Gremory?
For Sitri… I kind of like him but after reading some things i’m scared of him and that by itself may be a problem. I’m always going betweet him or Lilith and can’t stop on one for some time now. But if he agrees to work with me he is fine if i want just one specific person and he will deliver? Because i’ve read usually people want something else,a few people just for the fun or something, not just one person from him. I know, it’s stupid, but i’m worried. I’m also worried it may be a problem i think he’s really beautiful but also cute and i don’t think he is someone that liked to be called “cute” and i don’t want him to be offended by it. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Furfur sounds nice, it’s really sweet of him to take those emotions away sometimes. I don’t think i’m ready for him yet but i will keep him in mind.

I can’t really talk with them so i’m worried how it will go if i don’t understand their signs properly for the offering they want in exchange, but i will check on those things and i will ask them. Thank you.

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it’s funny how you guys are talking about gremory cause i really strongly feel like she has been calling to me lately


There are many ways to communicate with them through the fire or pendallum or auto writing if you cans speak to them directly or through the mind


She may want to speak with you about your situation give her a call she is wonderful


Naamah works quickly and She’s so physical you can almost, almost smell Her sexuality. There’s a evocation on these boards, somewhere or other. Naamah is sexy and She does money as well.


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