Who do you look forward to the most with the 9 gatekeepers pathworking?

Just for conversations sake like heading says who do you most look forward to learning with and from with the current 9 gatekeepers pathworking. I’ll go first- without question Lucifuge Rofocale- I’ve felt a draw to him. I want to know him and his history, his previous-if any pre western (or otherwise) masks. Are the lucifugum the mysterious “shadow beings” and his direct subordinates as I have read in the past stuff like that. And as a side note- just a word off topic to any on-the-fencers. I feel compelled not to go into detail but I will say this. I coughed it up and partook in the blood moon evokation group ritual. I was shook to the core at what a “complete stranger” was able to channel. Just saying- not that anyone here thinks it- but just saying- shits for real and this enterprise is certainly the real deal. Again not saying anyone thinks otherwise just a word to the closet fence sitters. Ok rant done.

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Being sceptical is fine and having it shown to be true can be game changing :slight_smile:

All of it to me. I’m excited to have this info out there finally without Christian overtones. They have talked out their asses long enough.

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Lucifer Amaymon. Thats intresting seeing them 2 together.

I fixed the typo for you.

Oh most definitely- for sure. I said that recently myself but in a different context. I believe to question and have an analytical mindset is not only good but ought to be encouraged. So long as it is not confused or replaced with self doubt and or lack of confidence. Pretty sure it was along those lines-

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Typo? My spelling is top notch :grin:


You mean pathworking?

Touché. Damn auto correct

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