Who created human beings?

I’m aware of the idea that we are all spirits, ethereal beings placed in this human vessel for a short time here on Earth, and I share this notion. However, who created the vessel?

There are numerous theories about the origin of humans. There’s the Annunaki that came here long ago and molded our being from a part of them. There’s the idea of this physical plane being created by the Demiurge, and humans along with it (assuming?). But if we’re all perfect manifestations of the divine, what enabled us to be put into our human bodies, basically? Perhaps it’s a question we aren’t meant to know the answer to, at least not until we die.

I’m pretty new to this forum but it’s a question I’ve been pondering for some years. I’d like to know anyone’s thoughts on this topic, thanks.


Enil and Enki.
Mark Passio has a presentation called Cosmic Abandonment which covers this topic.

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There are many ideas on how we were made or how we came to be.
I personal believe that all animals and plants were made at the same time. I believe that each species of animals has variations within that species, but this variation does not go beyond the specific species. So Dogs stay dogs, humans stay humans, elephants stay elphants (but yet there are differences within each species, different characteristics that make each animal unique).
So you would say i don’t believe in the theory of evolution. I also don’t believe in the big bang or what nasa tells us. I think most scientists nowadays aren’t really true scientists anymore… Just look at what tesla has to say,
" Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality."

So with all of that being said i think the Sumerian mythologies might shed a decent amount of light on the subject of how we were created. But still i don’t think it is all true.


but what about the religions ? you think another race created it ? Satan is a character that was mentioned in all the Abrahamic religions, you think it’s just a made-up character ?

Satan is a very vague topic.
Mankind could be Satan for all I know.
A lot of religions get their foundations from ancient Sumeria.


The mold of humans.

It’s something that goes around shaping energy fields into itself, making humans.

Think of it as what most people see when they say they’ve seen god. The fullness of all human alternatives.


I believe this to be a mystery.
There’s a lot more information to research, fossils all around the world, considering today’s world… rather than the world of the past [like in medieval times or in times of antiquity]… or at least, I think.

Some people trust most scientists. I don’t trust them as much as long as they can’t make a human from the supposed physical source of Humanity… as long as there is no replication of the process… it’s just speculations. Now speculations can be advanced, or not. Speculations at an advanced level are less speculatory and more grounded in factuality.

My only thoughts about this is, I should do my own research and there isn’t too many replication of the theories about the creation of man, in an evolutionary perspective, based on my knowledge.

I know it would be hard to replicate, but it can only be hard, as it is a difficult question. The response to it is not to believe in the most trusted speculation from most scientists, but to wait for the replications. That’s my epistemological take on it, however… to each his own.

As for the stories of other civilizations…? I think many things like Demiurges, Annunaki could be interpreted as things beyond the physical, and perhaps referring to physically transcendental principles, principles beyond the physical, while having roots in the physical… it could be allegories about creation but not in the way we might think of it, as in : X physical being [in the way we conceptualize physicality as in, body occupying space and possessing weight] creating X physical being…

but more like A concept embodying B transcendental principle, extrapolated from physical world, creating Y physical being.

Think about the association of sun Gods with justice, knowledge… does it mean gods are physically made of the Solar material, or perhaps it’s referring to the security we gain from the sun [as opposed to the darkness, where many things can crept therein] and using this to articulate the security we gain with whatever rules over justice and knowledge?

As in… the best way we can relate to the God of Justice, is through the Sun.

Perhaps…? I am not sure. I am just speculating, and taking a pictoral representation to ancient concepts.

Could it be the same with the creation of Mankind? I don’t know.

You asked for thoughts. I provided mine. I am not an expert.

Hope it was a little bit useful.


I wouldn’t look to science to explain and/or produce an answer to a question as this, as they have limited their beliefs to the very basic concept of evolution and left it at that. So I agree with you there. I can only conclude that it must be a mysterious, ancient concept that has to do with the binding of the spiritual to the physical in some form or fashion. At this point I don’t think it’s something we can understand. At least, not until science can catch up to magick and form a symbiosis of sorts in which case we’ll really take off in our knowledge of the universe.

But, science is getting there albeit still has very long way to go in that respect.


Very true @VicinityGhost
Thank you for your kind reply.

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https://www.ancient-forums.com/index.php . The elohim topic

Other human beings created and continue to create human beings. It’s happening even as you read this. Some human beings somewhere are creating other human beings. I would have thought that this was pretty obvious.



Concept of reproduction is obvious, yes. Maybe I should rephrase my question. Who/what molded the first humans? You know, before there were humans to create other humans.

The Sumerians recorded this information and the double DNA helix on a stone tablet.



If we are talking about the human body it self then I have a set of interesting ideas to play with but in my own personal belief I think we don’t all come from the same maker. Yes there maybe a “all father” being but what I feel is there is a genetic difference from that place of origin. We are over all the same race, but who made us came from different origins. So in a sense in my mind there wasn’t just a man and a woman, but different sets of us that came here into being.

I believe humans here were created by means if evolution and divine intervention maybe from a couple pantheons, but not directly.

As for the plethora of humans in the etheric and in every mythology. Their specific pantheons. As in the humans created by Enki are in the etheric, the humans created by the Greeks by the Egyptians etc all live in the specific territories of their creators and not here.


Um why don’t you just ask one of the higher demons like Azazel Lucifer Abaddon or even Belial etc. I’m sure they would know the answer they’ve been around a long time :expressionless:

Because they may not know just because they’ve been around a long time doesn’t exactly mean they know or cared to know, let alone will tell you the actuality since many people have claimed they were told about humanity by one being and each case the answer was different.

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Big Bang. Evolution. I don’t really think there is any other answer to this question. I can’t really accept any form of creationist explanation.

Because I haven’t dedicated enough time in my practice yet to have reliable communication. Why talk to a magician that isn’t able to receive what they’re sending?

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Wow it’s really that difficult huh? God damn why does everything have to be so hard I hate being human