Who created God? Who created lucifer?!

I’m going to go with my existential questions, I believe that God exists and that Lucifer too, but who created them, and if you did not get in touch with those spirits why not ask them that ?! but the biggest mystery is:
If God exists and created everything, how did it come about, or who created it ?? Who created Lucifer?!
I know you will not have the answers to this, but I want to hear answers from you about it, I want opinions …

Depends what exactly you mean by “God”? I mean there are tons of deities out there. The Christian “god” is just one of countless spirits and deities out there.

If instead you mean the Ultimate, the great ALL itself, then that’s not really something that can be described IMO. It’s impersonal though, totally beyond anything the human mind could comprehend. I think this is what E.A. calls Sat Nam. It’s just simply the All That Is. And nothing created it because it’s just what is.

Just my views on it.


I subscribe to the theory that all life forms are organic and that we are just simply Psi-Pinging each others brains in one big global game.

To answer your question…Lucifer was birthed by an actual woman. Then at some point he died and existed and became a powerful Ghost in the astral, like many other Gods. I also do not subscribe to the different religion concepts of rebellions. All I see are Fathers, Sons and multiple Lineages across the Globe. The Son maybe rebelled at some point like any rebellious kid…but at some point even a parent could forgive a Son.


So I’m one of those people that believes that God is a man-made concept. I haven’t really figured out if that means He’s an egregore or just doesn’t exist at all.

Angels and demons are far older than the Abrahamic religions, Lucifer included. As for who created them, I couldn’t tell you.

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Beautiful views.

The word ‘God’ is a title not a name. Even humans are called gods.

So @Patty_2000 what is the name of the God you called ‘God’?

All I can say is that a Mystery made the Universe, populated this world, all that is in it both visible and invisible. That Mystery is termed/called ‘God’.


About God there may be two possibilities: either countless gods who created each other, or a supreme, divine principle “at the top” which always existed or is above/outside time.

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