Who could this female spirit be?

I had a Vivid dream of a white woman who lives in water (mermaid), she showed me precious stones in her hand and told me that she could only give me precious stones and tons of wealth if I came to the water, she said wealth and stones were no longer valuable to her since she no longer resides within our plain of existence.

Then she dived back in the water and never contacted me again. Please help who could that entity be??

Had Bardon not described that entity as male, Aposto would qualify; still, with Spirits the gender “applies” less than with humans.

Kindly elaborate on Aposto; who is this spirit and where can I research about it further. If you don’t mind.

Authors: Franz Bardon and William Mistele. On archive.org you might be able to recover pages from the Elemental Magick’s website.
Bardon described Aposto as ruling “over all brooks and rivers, small and large. He informs the magician about what is at the bottom of brooks and rivers and at which place under water he can find jewels and semi-jewels. Aposto is completely acquainted with the magic of the water-principle. If the magician asks for subordinates, Aposto will be pleased to let him have them. Such subordinates have often saved people, swimming or doing other water-sports, from drowning. Besides this, the magician may learn from these beings where to find the bodies of drowned people”.

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