Who could this be!

So last night I was trying to find if I had a guardian demon! I scanned the 72 sigils and asked Lucifer for some help! All I got is the person following me in my dreams to get my attention! Today it’s bugging me to find who that was! If anyone knows any demon who would look like this or wear this! Not sure what’s with the horse but he was there too! Yes half a horse is what I saw… I made this to help you get what I saw!

Thanks for the help! It might be a total imagination after all…


Orobas comes to mind…


Thanks! I’ll try approaching Orobas!

If the turban were a crown, and the horse a camel, it would be a ringer for King Paimon.


:rofl: that’s a hopeful wish! King Paimon always showed up invisible but saw him ones going away on a camel with others behind him! Also he wears red… this one was white and browny! I already contacted Orobas to see what he says about this and show him self to me! If it’s the same then that’s my answer! If not! I’ll draw what he shows me and try asking King Paimon? :hugs: wish me luck!


Nice art to just whip up for reference. It looks very Arab so my first thought was djinn, but on that topic I know nothing.

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:thinking: I was scanning the 72 demons! Could I have attracted someone else?