Who could it be?

Guys I think someone wanted to contact me
I had an image of a sigil in my head or something like that
it looked like a lot of gold or copper pipes , they were turned to the left
and I think it was cunningly woven pipes

, it looks like they were intertwined and this is what I remembered and drew

and it might have looked like this
or this

who do you think it could be?

Best not to ask others for things like this: trust yourself and follow your own road.

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it looked like a saxophone
I don’t know how to describe it other than
cunning, clever, intricate
why shouldn’t we ask others for advice?
if I have decided who is closer to me, can I call him?

I didn’t say that.

If you want to, and not if you don’t. I do suggest making sure you know how to banish and cleanse first.

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Yes, it seems that you need to take care of your safety first.

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mulberry I think I remembered something else, a couple of days before, I was just doing patchworking with Raziel , and then for some reason flowers began to appear to me, it looked like yellow and red flowers and for some reason these flowers were on the sea, the next picture is how these flowers end up in the sea and the next picture is how they are already on the shore, I read that these sigils which I suspected to be similar which I saw are Vepar sigils, and she loves flowers, she also looks like a mermaid and can sink ships
I think Raziel connected me with Vepar at that moment :thinking:
they also say she is a good psychologist and knows a lot and is willing to share knowledge, as well as a good defender

I thought there should have been lanterns and something bright I mean, I imagined the connection with the spirits to be much more colorful for me than it really is.

Good stuff. I would say, go with it. You won’t know what’s going to happen unless you contact Vepar and find out. :slight_smile:

Don’t try to “front load” expectations, your conscious mind will attempt to take control and spin fairytales that feel goo but don’ get results, don’t let it.

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why him :thinking:
I don’t think it was him
why do you think it could be him?
write how it looks like my descriptions
in my post above : this sigil I saw can be described as cunning, clever, intricate

and this