Who can Teach me everything about necromancers?

Read books about necromancy first, work on your senses than after you will get some knowledge find mentor :ok_hand:t2:


Thanks… I would like to know were I could read them… I cant aford buying them from here, but I know I need to read them… Do u know were I can read them?


pming you :ok_hand:t2:


Necromancy is just the study of death and after life, you may or may not ask the dead to come forth. Either way be respectful if you bother them.


Goddess Bune of the lemgeton is good for nercromancer opération assistances. She may accept your request if you were an artist in approaching her smoothly. Offerings and details may be necessary

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You have to be 5th Level to do that!


Necromancy is more commonly known as “death witchcraft” or “death work.” It involves spirit work with the dead, coming to accept death and dying, and ancestor worship. And yes, as someone mentioned, you can also call upon demons and/or deities to help. (Murmur is another good one.)
I’ve been doing it for about 2 years now (or if we’re talking about mediumship, that’s closer to 10). Go to Tumblr and read the blog of death-witch-envy, she’s taught me just about everything I know. You can also buy her little guides.

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https://www.araigneearcaneservices.org/blog/category/necromancy Check that out. They’ve got some of the best stuff I’ve seen on necromancy. You may want to specifically check out their book “Gospel of the Ghouls”. Many people on here favor that book for necromancy. Some other books on necromancy are “The Witches Book of the Dead” - Christian Day, “Honoring Death: The Art of Daemonolatry Necromancy” - S. Connolly, “Necromantic Sacraments” - S. Connolly, “Keys of Ocat” - S. Connolly(You may want to check this book out after you become a little to a lot more spiritually advanced), “Necromantic Ritual Book” - Dante Abiel(Same thing for Keys of Ocat), “Charnel Whispers” - Somnus Dreadwood. There are more books on it those are just some to mention. There are MANY entities that can help you with necromancy. Some are Santa Muerte, Azrael, Hecate, Yama, any entity of the underworld, for example, Hades. Necromancy is a dangerous path for the noobs as it can affect your health. I had heard from VK Jehannum that you can overcome this through psychic Vampyrism. Check his website if you wish to learn more about it. He has a whole category on it. You might want to look into death essence as it is the energy that Necromancy revolves around. There are many MANY dead entities around us. Look into psychopomps. Ummm… That’s all I can think of on the spot.


Thanks, U would be the longest until now, but anyway, I would like to know how to summon them, at least tge most recommended for noobs(In any case the less dangerous) do Ik all of them are. Im looking fordward for ur help, and amy training methods that can come with it… Id like to thank Everyone else, cause u had the time to help me and give me some tips… I would like to learn more about everytjing else, not only necromamcy, tho it was my fault to only say necromancy… With that being said, I would like to have recommendations on who I can test my recent habilities and knowledge on

I am not sure who you’re referring to when you say them. So I shall assume it’s either the dead entities or death God’s. For the dead entities you want to start with your ancestors. Since you have a connection with them and yada yada. For death God’s there are many whom you can work with. Maybe you can start with Hecate. It depends on you.

There are many threads on here teaching one to evoke an entity. For dead entities you can use their name to make a sigil and use that sigil to evoke them. All the while chanting their name.

Good… And I mean them the otgers that answered my question

Typo? If not then what’s that? Also, I messed a word in the last sentence in the last thing I replied. Instead of changing names it was supposed to be chanting names. I fixed it.

Others* sorry for my grammar error… I type too fast

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You’re fine.

You shouldn’t blindly ask for mentors. This forum is a living mentor if you use the search feature.
There are great threads about necromancy, necromantic spirits and about book recommendations on necromancy.

I always suggest finding a trustworthy spirit, they are the best teachers.

Id never recommend anything by Christian Day but the rest of that list is good OP.

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That’s the only book I have of his so I don’t know what you’re reasoning is. I thought it was relatively good for a beginner to check out.

His foul mouth preceeds him :rofl:
But as i said i agree with you on the rest. Thinking of getting Gospel of the Ghouls myself.

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I kinda wish the the price of it would go down a little but it’s all right if it doesn’t. You can get one printed for you for about $100. That’s what I intend to do.

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