Who can I invoke to help me with math?

So I’m having trouble with learning math and I was wondering, is there anyone I can invoke or evoke to help me become better at math and personal development with learning?

Asmodeus is your guy… Plus he’ll also help you get laid…
But he is the one to decide whether you can work with him or not

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Thank you

King Paimon, the master of all arts and sciences.


I think asmodeus would be better… Since he has a spec of arithmetic and astronomy…
I met paimon today though… He is super electric fuck

Thoth can help also

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I’ve been drawn to him for a while now

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I want to meet king paimon so bad

Then he hath called you… Proceed… He is also dope…


What would be a good way of invoking him?

Intention bother pure desire to learn… Then seek out his sigil and his enn… Meditate on the energy you feel so far of him… Then call him. Ask for knowledge and assistance

There is plenty of information on the great king here. Type his name into the search function.

The king is a great teacher. I heart him.

Try any goetia spirit who corresponds with that

Thoth and Hephaestus are by extension Gods who are around mathematics. Hephaestus due to his craftsmen and Thoth due to being the God of knowledge.

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Like half the spirits in the Goetia are cited specifically as effective math tutors.

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