Who are you? ~ satan

Who are you?
you are a teacher?artist? this is what you do
are you insert human name here thats your name
today i asked satan to know my self better on a deeper level he awnsered
“ask your self,who are you”
really do it,i felt nothing,all “importand” stuff,anxiaty,doubts bad shit are away,
then i had an strong urge to go for a walk,
so i just got out of my house,got into kiosk and i got an hell energy drink 1 lighter and two ciggaretes
i walked without direction into the town
i light my cigar and i started drinking my drink
i did not speak or think,
i let my thoughts emotions come and go away,at a point i stopped overthinking,i feel starting to know my self,i simply observe everything that come,not labeled.
as i got somewhere without direction feelings,thoughts past memories came i observed them.
right now i feel that nothing and that all but i feel that i am really on the path too,
i already now want to fight for my self,i feel confidence better,i feel more solutions,even thinking differently,listening differently
its actually hard to describe it.


I don’t know. Yet it comes to me :wink:

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same here,now when i ask my self,i feel a feeling/s standing on the nothing