Who and what Create them?

Since I’ve join the Forum, I’ve been reading reaserching and learning , before I dive deep into the path etc…

One thing I’ve stumble across is egregore
Impostor spirit
Who and what are they ?
Who create them ?
Why are they in this forum ? Why not get rid of them ? How to spot one ?
How to shield yourself from one
Why do they attack people or impose their will on people?

Why do they have Ill intent toward innocent ? Or people minding their own business etc.

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They are thoughtforms made by people.

I never heard of one doing this out of its own free will, only if it is commanded to.

Again I never heard of this unless commanded to.

Feel free to correct me on this if Im wrong anyone.

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Same concept as some gods their created now I say some becouse a lore were prexiting

A servitor and an “impostor” spirit are NOT the same thing.

A servitor is simply a blob of energy given form by a magician to do a job. They have no free will. They will not attack anyone unless that is their purpose and they are commanded to do so (many people use servitors for defense so if someone or something arrives uninvited, the servitor will attack them). If someone sent a servitor after you, you would deal with it the same way you would deal with any aggressive entity.

An egregore is basically just a servitor created by a group mind. Many occult groups create them as protectors and teachers for the use of their members.

An impostor spirit is a lower level, parasitic entity that masquerades as a stronger and more powerful being. Impostor spirits are rare, and basic spiritual hygiene such as banishing and/or cleansing, will prevent them. You can recognize them by simply asking any spirit you work with to state their true name and/or to show their seal. An impostor cannot do these things.


Imposter just call them parasites

I mean I read if few incident where imposter are acting out , Micheal , Lucifer etc … so are you saying someone is commanding it to?

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@SITHISIT was referring to servitors, not impostor spirits. As I already stated, they are NOT the same thing.

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Thank you for the thorough explanation understanding … will jog them down on my notes
Although I am not LHP or RHP haven’t decide yet
Or if I want to Label with either or
I am enjoying the learning process of both
And this forum so far is amazing

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servitor is a magical construct, created with specific intent. This definition could apply to many things; sigils, art, thought forms, writing, words, thoughts, memes and so on. All of these could also be considered servitors, to some extent.
Servitors can vary so widely in form, function, and ability, that this definition is the lowest common denominator.
And to create it one needs
Planning the purpose and intent
Visualise of project this intent externally but statically.
Anthropomorphise this intent
Build up the servitor.