White scorpion

Early this morning I had a terrifying/interesting experience. I was asleep not dreaming or anything (from what I remember) then all of the sudden I saw a huge ass white scorpion. He then decided to start snapping his claw. During all of this I had grabbed my.fiances arm and she thought I was going to punch her. I woke up standing.on my bed and her screaming at me lol. I layed back down trembling for awhile and.finally fell back asleep. Just thought I’d share this experience…


I think I would do some banishing. If you’re an active sleeper and something is attacking you through your partner, watch out. You don’t want to hurt her, and if this keeps up, you probably will.

Yea I was also thinking.I needed to do a good banishing.

Banishing does sound good, I have to agree. But may I also suggest some meditation on the subject? Just to get whatever other information you can out of it and use it in whatever helpful ways you can. Just a suggestion.

A few nights ago I had a dream where my dad was telling me to go talk to some lady–can’t remember who–about spirituality, but I couldn’t find her. It was night time and I was about to switch off a light to go to sleep (in my dream) when I saw a small moth which I tried to ‘shoo’ away, followed by what felt like a moth the size of my face land on the back of my neck. I kept trying to brush it off to no avail, to the point that I actually woke up in bed and saw the giant moth fluttering a few feet from my face. As it began to fade and I realised it was an astral critter and not a huge physical moth I just went back to sleep. Might have to do a banishing as well.

I had a dream sometime last month involving a scorpion(s). There were a blue color, and more like a lobster, but still scorpions. They were poison to the touch, and then I ended up getting stung by them at one point. I woke up before I could find out if I died or not. At first they were in my bed but ignoring me, then I was stung in my dream by them later at a restaurant somewhere. Very odd thing. I was not able to locate an image for them online, but was watching something on Netflix regarding pre-historic animals and saw what was in my dream.