White oval light appearing on the side of my left eye

Hi everyone, so I got a mystery on my hands. Every once in awhile during the day I look somewhere with my eye and out of the corner of my left eye a white light appears that covers the corner to half of my left eye.

It’s never happene to me before and I can’t explain it.
The only things Ive been doing lately is clairvoyant meditation technique.

But I’ve never heard of this happening to someone.

What could it be? It can’t be my third eye opening can’t it?

Get your eyes checked, could be the first symptom of a detached retina or something, don’t take chances with something as important - it’s not an ingowing toenail.

Well it’s not painful and I can see fine. It’s just so many strange things happen to me that I would like to know the answer to all my mysteries. I wish it’s something spiritual.

Also I saw a black light the last time it happened. =O

What are the symptoms of retinal detachment?

Possible symptoms include:

Flashing lights. Initially, you may notice flashing lights in your vision. This is noticed in 6 out of 10 people with a RD and is most obvious in dim lighting and in your peripheral or side vision.
Floaters. These typically appear as one or more black moving dots in your vision. Sometimes they appear like cobwebs or curved/circular shapes. The presence of floaters does not necessarily mean that you have RD, as floaters are common and are often not significant. However, the type of floater you experience helps to determine if it is serious or not. As a general rule, report any new floaters to your doctor or optometrist. In particular, if you have any new floaters in addition to the sensation of flashing lights then see your doctor urgently.
Vision loss. You may notice shadowing in your peripheral (side) vision, cloudy vision or loss of vision like a curtain coming over your eye.
No symptoms. Sometimes, RD or tear in the retina is detected on routine eye checks.


Get it checked, then worry about whether it’s spirits. :wink:

Thanks that helps to know.

I know I fuss, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

Ummm yeah i’d get that checked out like Lady Eva said.With that being said at the beginning of my spirit and mines relationship i’d see a light with dancing shadows in it.Once i even saw half the wall on my left lit up upon waking up and i know it wasn’t a passing car because all my windows are covered and taped up.Even when i’d go to sleep i’d see a soft glowing light on my pillow and bed but it doesn’t happen often nowadays.

Really? Well I like to think as my diagnosis to be spiritual. It is what it is. I just need help in figuring what is what.

It means you’re going to be raped.

If the white light starts talking to you it could be an angel, or you may be schizophrenic.


Well…I tend to look at it like this: I have seen quite a few phenomena that cannot be explained through ordinary social consensus explanations. That said, they mostly occur right before, during or right after my rituals.

On top of that they mostly occur in accordance with my set intention. So I think it is safe to say that there are phenomena, including white lights, that can occur in a paranormal context. But at the same time, you wanna make sure that you don’t have any medical issues just to be on the safe side.

Well that could be a possibility with me but I doubt it’s an angel.

Maybe it’s just a prerequisite to my third eye opening. I mean I hope it is or what else could it be?

[quote=“Leviathan, post:11, topic:4508”]Well that could be a possibility with me but I doubt it’s an angel.

Maybe it’s just a prerequisite to my third eye opening. I mean I hope it is or what else could it be?[/quote]You seem to be automatically assuming it is something metaphysical. You should follow the advice already given by the wonderful Lady Eva and others and see a doctor to rule out any possible physical causes before jumping to spiritual conclusions. White light occlusion of your left eye would having to do with your Anja Chakra.

Sign of opening ajna … Its either it or shadows in your peripheral vision

I think it’s a medical issue because i had these symptoms my self.White green or red shapes moving from down to up,gold sparks in the sky and floaters.If you’re seeing clear bubbles moving in front of your vision,then possibly the white shapes could be from high eye pressure.

If your eyes are fine,then it could be something metaphysical like third eye opening or whatever else.

Why were you seeing these red and green shapes like what was wrong?