White mist?

so, I’ve been exhausted from working thru the 72, and took a week out to recharge.

A few nights ago a corner of me room lit up for a moment (like when a car passes and the headlight touches the ceiling for a moment) but the was no possible source for the light, it wasn’t made of " static rain" either, after that i could see what seemed to be movement in the darkness, I did a banishing as a precaution and carried on with life…

so the last night or 2 in the dark if i think about calling one of the demons i’ve worked with shortly after I can see a white mist rolling up the bed and around in my space. the room is dark ( pretty much blacked out), last night the mist seemed even thicker, and was at different “depths” in the room.

when i slept i dreamed of my mother, i realised that it could not be (she is passed over) … I (FINALLY) woke up in the dream and asked her if i was dreaming & she said i was! of course i then woke up…

so - question, seeing this mist - I’m guessing that my perception of the spirits is improving ?

I did ask for “it” to show me the sigil, and on did appear in the static it kinda had a number 3 in it, but wasn’t instantly recognisable.

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Cool! It does sound to me like you’re seeing something with your astral senses, what with the blackout curtains and all.

I’ve seen one spirit as a white mist/fog patch, in my childhood house, but it’s probably not related - it didn’t move, and I interpreted it as a ghost at the time. It was foggy outside and knowing what I do now, I think it gathered the fog to make a body, then hung out where it always did, on the landing.


this is definately more “tendrils” than a form, but i guess i do’nt have enough energy reserves yet for it to make a “form” :slight_smile: … I do remember King Paimon a couple of months back lecturing me that if he would actually appear I would just [crap myself] … the usual " you’re not ready yet" so hopefully once they are satisfied I’m “coping” something more solid will come thru!

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I don’t work with Paimon, but you’re the third person I’ve noticed he said that to in so many words :frowning:

Can’t say I’m impressed or that I’d put any stock in it - you’re the operator, you’re in charge, you’re the one with the power, and I think you should believe in yourself not what some condescending, pompous ‘call me king or I’ll be and even bigger dick to you’ spirit thinks.

There I’ve said it. I’ve been biting my tongue for months on this: Don’t like him, don’t approve of his disrespectful attitude and wouldn’t recommend anyone work with him. There are SO many others who can do the same work with less of the disempowering mind games.

Ignore him - you’re ready when you say you are, and you trust yourself to put in the work to do it.

You know, i kinda felt the same… its more of challenge to the operator. Azazel & Belial were very different… !
So many ppl get still locked in to the listening to higher powers gig… i guess it has been locked into the mass consciousness for quite a while… mainstream media particuarly! - just looking at the superhero culture even

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