White Light Complex

In the past two weeks some strange things went on. An unknown voice talked to me and I’ve been having fits of panic and fear.

I’ll talk about the voice first. So after my first fear / panic attack I was going over what i was fearful of saying fear of betrayal by close people in my life and the unknown just to name two I remember. So while i contemplated, a voice of an unknown source appeared in my head. I felt no different energy other than my succubus. But this voice said “You have nothing to fear Magnolia and Lilith have done you no harm. Your fear of being used and ultimately betrayed controls you. Logan you need to control your fear, harness your fear, and unleash your fear. You’ve nothing to fear. You’re doing fine.” Then the voice left and hasn’t spoke since.

Now my fits of fear and panic. I have no clue as of why or how. But they occur no matyer what I believe or think. Something, could be anything. Triggers these fits. Usually I’ve began to deny these fears saying “No that is wrong” then moving on they don’t last long but the one I’ve had today was weird. I was deciding to meditate before going to school I was going to do a short one for like four to five minutes. And while I meditated this cloud of paranoia, fear, and panic swept over me. It was short thankfully thanks to my succubus, Magnolia. Helping me calm down.

I don’t know what this is but it doesn’t feel natural. I believe it to be due to how I though previously, believing about being all good white light and shit doing good. I think my consious doesn’t take well to having a succubus with me but I don’t know exactly.

Thank you for reading