White light and Azazel?

Okay, so i think i may have had another experience with Azazel. I looked at his sigil and chanted his enn for a while, about 15-20 minutes. I turned my bedroom light off and pictured his sigil as I lay there, eyes closed.

My mind was going blank as my chanting of the enn mentally had faded out to nothing. I could feel myself becoming more relaxed, almost sinking deeper into my bed.

I saw myself in a forest area, I was sat down leaning back onto a tree trunk. There was a river behind me. The wind in the air was strong though, almost like Winter.

I looked up and saw a hooded figure, but I could see his face. I forget the details, but he had a blueish green colour to them. Lovely smile too.

I greeted him, and he walked up to me, smiling. He sat down on a log beside me. He took my hand, then asked what it (meaning eating habits) were all about. I think he was trying to get an understanding of why I do what I do.

I couldn’t answer him, because I didn’t know. This didn’t seem to offend him, instead he smiled and made me look at him. “You’re a pretty girl.” He said.

He made me stand up in fromt of him, letting go of my hand. He looked me up and down before saying “You have parasites.” The next thing I know, there’s a bright, white light covering me. It started at my legs, and abdomen at the same time. It moved up my chest and arms before covering my head. It stayed there for a few minutes, before fading away.

The song pretty hurts was in my head before I left as well. I believe spirits and entities will show us songs as a means to communicate. The one line in it is “It’s the soul that needs the surgery.” Which could be true.


I just thought I would share my latest experience with Azazel. I evoked him tonight, as the last time I did he requested I did so in 3 days.

I found myself in the same place as before. I was sat on the log with him this time. He gave me a kind smile, not at all judging. He asked about my eating. I looked away, and sadness came over me. I felt it here as well as in the meditation. (I call it meditation because I don’t think I astral travelled).

I sniffled and sobbed, to which he offered comfort and said that it was okay. He hugged me, he felt more like a caring older brother. He led me to a table, and told me to lay down. He took my right arm so it was off the table and facing him. It reminded me of the time I had a shot while lying down at a GP.

He drew blood from the arm, and I screamed out in pain. He told me to let it out, let it happen. I asked what he did it for, and he said that I will see in time.

I told him I felt bad for eating a lot today. He said there was no reason for me to feel bad, that it was a genuine meal, considering I haven’t had one in a day.


Update: I no longer feel guilty after eating!


Today, i have also noticed that I can look at food and not see it as an enemy. I even bought a pizza, and usually I would avoid it at all costs. It’s took a while haha. I realise the thoughts are slowly fading. All thanks to Lord Azazel


Congrats ! That’s really amazing to get off those kind of restrictions

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It is! I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. I feel like a different person


I wanted to write about a dream I had with him lately and it was related on the same subject as you so this is funny! I’m really glad for you he helped well. :slight_smile: I wish you to stay in this direction you’re beautiful in any way

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Really? That’s a crazy coincidence hahaha. Please feel free to share, that sounds so interesting!

Yeah, me too. It took a while and it felt like it had to go worse before it got better, but nothing happens instantly.

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Yes it’s funny! At least now you’re better. I know what it feels like and it’s horrible, I have the same problem but the thing is I need to gain weight. I just can’t eat. Good point is I’m skinny but not too skinny, still I’d like to gain another few weight so I can be right in my skin. Food is just a calvary for me. I wish I would enjoy it so much so never deprive yourself again :slight_smile:

Okay so updating once more!

No longer am I suffering from an eating disorder.


Thank you for your post Becca!

I apologize if this is a little off topic… i’m a newbie to the dark lords.

A good practitioner is offering a 3rd eye chakra activation/cleansing with Azazel and Shamsiel.
I thought about purchasing because i could do with the help in order to hear and see my own spirit family better.
But i’m also nervous as i’ve never done anything like this before and i don’t know the Fallen Angels Nor Demons well.

A few nights ago a had a dream that an entity came and spoke to me about the activation, i’m fairly sure it was Azazel. we had a conversation and what i got from it was he was trying to reassure me and tell me he was willing to work to me.
I never invoked him… don’t even know how to lol

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated!

He does change mentality and it is all about giving people new perspective :ok_hand:

Hi @queenofgreen I’ve noticed that you have posted the same question on 3 different threads, would have been much better for you to start a topic of your own instead. If you ask @Lady_Eva nicely, she may sort/tidy this up for you.