White Jesus, TWF, and My HGA

So I was asked by a member to share my experience with memory augmentation, I think it will make sense if I start from an earlier point in time and start the story there. So this will be long…sorry.

So March 2nd GZA read my “Failures” thread where I detailed my failed attempt to evoke Azazel. He sent me a video email and told me that he was trying a new type of brain entrainment program and he was shocked with how quickly he was seeing results. The program is all about remote viewing and remote influencing and follows the information paradigm of magic.

I was skeptical at first, I mean GZA made it sound awesome and I trust him and all…but it sounds like the “Bee’s Knees” and honestly I have had it to here with marketing.

I was gonna give it a half hearted try until TWF brought up the same program. I thought “well, I respect and trust these two…so lets give it a go.”

At first it was just a bunch of guided mediation and self hypnosis (which there is nothing wrong with BTW) I just tranced out for 40 ish minutes. Until one day it was no longer a trance, I felt myself slip out of reality. The best way I can explain it is like this: We are all in a river, and this river has a current. We are comfortable with this current because we have been in it all our lives. One day while in this current I slipped and fell below the river only to find out that there was another river just right below ours with its own current. I was keenly aware that I was no longer in this reality, I was much deeper inside a reality of myself. I had astral traveled to a realm within. (see Fireabove’s post about astral travel and the link he provides for Aaron Lietch’s article for more info)

“Right Oris, sure…sure. Cool story bro, tell us more about your mental masturbation.” I can hear some say. So I will provide some details about what I have done with this.

  1. I left my body and traveled to a place I loved where I grew up.

  2. I influenced someone to do something (more than once) I won’t give specifies as this is still a work in progress.

  3. Got out of my body and visited my wife at work. I noticed a Co-worker that she hates was right by her desk. This was odd as my wife texted me a few hours prior to tell me that she was happy as she had just figured out that this co-worked had called in sick. I chalked it up to mental masturbation until my wife came home and told me that , in her words, “I was having a GRREAT day until that bitch came into work…said she felt better. I think she just wanted to sleep in.”

  4. (this one is weird, I honestly debated over sharing this.) In the first lesson we are taught how to get into the minds of others, be they human or animal. While in this state I decided to see how my dog views the world so I got into his mind. He was sleeping right by me and as soon as I started he began kicking and whimpering as if he could sense someone invading his mind. I left quickly as I didn’t want to traumatize my dog. Interestingly, after that day he follows me around and prefers my company instead of my wife’s, and he was such a “Mama’s Boy”

  5. (Ohhh this is gonna piss off the traditionalist sooooooo much) In the first lesson we are taught how to connect with spirit guides. I know this sounds all “Super fluffy light-and-love” and it is. Normally I either ask for Odin as I am working with the runes, or I just not ask for anyone. But after reading Fireabove’s post about the HGA I though “Hell why not, if I am really tapped into the Universe as a whole right now…let’s see” I asked for my HGA. Now full disclaimer, I am not now, nor have I ever preformed the Abramelin Rite nor have I thought much about my HGA past the whole “Yeah, that would be cool” idea. But the being I met was awesome. It knew me through and through and gave me some advice one how to proceed with my spiritual endeavors. Honestly it said some profound things to me that helped me get a good grasp on what type of magic is best for me i.e. what is the most effective for me.

So I have been really feeling connected at a psychic level, to well everything. I see the Astral World much clearer and I fell like I am transmitting and receiving a lot of info.

So with that in mind here is what happed with the memory augmentation.

I have also been reading “Hands On Chaos Magic” which has an exercise in which you focus on two memories, one very vivid the other fuzzy. You spend time in mediation trying to make the fuzzy one vivid (by adding colors or sounds…etc) and making the vivid one fuzzy. Overtime you will find that you can not readily recall the vivid memory.

So while I am in this “In a new current” astral state, I try it out. I did this for a few days until I honestly had a hard time recalling the vivid memory, here is the catch…others that were there during this rather painful even, are also having a hard time recalling it.

It may be due to the fact that I am more “open” psychically (and god do I feel like a douche for saying THAT), but I feel like I tampered with the memories of a group of people.

Here is the thing. If I did that, how many times has it happed to me? To you? To us as a whole?

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I’d like the skinny on this. It’s similar to things I do and sounds hackable and adaptable, which is how I like my magics.

What you describe in your OBE experience doesn’t sound strange or too far out there at all to me, its only when we start viewing everything from the experiences of others and their magickal “allowance” that such things become questionable (basically my problem with most magicians).

Any details on how that program actually worked? How did it work you towards the OBE/Lucid dream and is it a method you still use? I’m also curious about “getting into the mind of others”, any details you can share?

I asked about the memory (de)empowerment because I had two dreams in a row about it, and then you mentioned it out of the blue. A little too much coincidence for my taste :slight_smile: Its funny you end with wondering how many times your experience has been influenced by the relationship others have to you (and the shared past), as I’ve been experiencing the strain and even physical pressures my girlfriend has a lot. I can tell when she’s stressed, has a painful thought and even know which energetic centers are taking a hit because of it (stomach usually). It never occurred to me that the well might run much deeper than that, and that people influence each other in past, present and future - which is dumb because as you ascend to certain levels time blends into one expression and yet the thought never occurred to me :frowning: I think I will delve into this, just need to figure out how exactly and from what angle.

Dear Orismen, could you please tell me where i can get this brain entrainment program because this is the area in which i am really lacking and i think it could really help me. I would be very grateful if you could help me.

GZA gave me that program too but couldnt find time to go through it. But indeed I felt really imersed in myself right from beggining.

The complete remote viewing training course by Gerald O’Donnell.