White flashing in my peripheral

So, it’s been happening more frequently. Folding laundry, doing dishes, cooking, reading, etc. I’ll get flashing like a flash bang out of my peripheral vision…that’s never happened before. Another thing that’s been happening is when Im falling asleep in the blackness of closed eyes there’s faint grey water/energy ripples pulsating in it right before I pass out like those shitty club lights that try to emulate rainbow water from the 90’s. Also, Im hearing noises like grunts, growls, birds, animals and humanoid calls directed at me from something not there. Even at work where Im around 150-2,000 people, other employees and blairing music Im hearing and smelling shit that’s obviously not there and some have heard and smelled it too but only when Im around.

Oh, and another cool ass thing. The other night I was dead fucking tired after pulling a double and dragged my ass into the shower. I was so lucid I did everything eyes closed and just visualized every aspect of the shower which apparently tickled something’s fancy cause when I walked out the bathroom there was an entity in my living room made of both black n grey smoke than ran and jumped into the tv and and disappeared. I smelt faint amounts of sulfur and something else I can’t explain in the trails it left in the air. Said “cool, fuck it I’ll roll with it. Ty for coming” then passed out