White face!

Last night I had a dream. This dream was more lucid like. I wasn’t able to see hardly anything but somebody came to me while I was laying in my bed and had a very strong angry vibe to him.

It felt like he was giving me a message or at least trying to. He spoke to me in a very loud and angry tone. I can feel a strong sense of anger from him. The whole general message he’d given to me, I forgot.

At the end though, I finally replied and said something like, “Okay. Where are you? I don’t see you.” He replied with something I don’t remember, but it sounded like he tried to make it easier for me to recognize him. I looked further and didn’t see anything.

When he saw that I didn’t see him, he responded in another loud and angry tone, “The white face!”. He continued on about how got “battle” scars or “bullet” scars on his face from “land people”. I had know idea what he was talking about, but it sounds interesting.

I continued looking further for his “battle scarred” white face but with no success. I began to feel his anger rising up again further. I said, “I’m sorry sir”. Again, his anger rose even furthur. I spoke to myself softly saying, “sorry, just wanted to be respectful”.

What then felt like somebody else entirely, replied calmly, “don’t say respect”. I said aloud to the angry spirit, “My friend”. All of the anger vanished from him and he remained quiet. His energy slowly faded away. As he was fading away I felt wet drops on my face. Then I woke up.

Does anybody mind doing a reading or something? I’ve known this person for months. I don’t know what he wants. His name could be “Hane” or somebody else. I thought he’d left. What kind of spirit is he?

My biggest concern is him interferring with my succubus. I don’t want him to do anything to her or push her away from me. He has an intrusive feel to him.