White dove blood for summoning spirits

Greetings,i did like to know how to summon spirits forth with dove blood.
I want to try using dove blood to see how it work in spirit summoning.
I wanted to know if I should drop it blood in water and some on the spirit sigil or i should hold the dove in my hand and allow it blood to continue dropping on the floor whilst calling the spirit forth.
Anyone with a experience and guidance will be most much appreciated.

I use my blood on sigils, not sure how a dove would work, and really as far as demons go, blood is unnecessary to call them in my experience. Enn plus opening sigil works. I just use blood as an offering.


That would be really cruel, killing a living thing for own sad end. The Spirits would probably just laugh at you hen leave.


I’d have to disagree there, at the concept. Animal sacrifice and offerings has been around for literally thousands of years, and still goes on today in the ifa tradition and those traditions that have stemmed from it, like voodoo, santeria etc, not to mention even some demons have a history of receiving animal offerings, like Azazel for another example.

Still, there are folks that confuse what a sacrifice and what an offering are. It’s a fairly new idea that animal sacrifice or offerings would be frowned upon, outside of abrahamic religions, and even then, I’m not sure it was really frowned upon, more established as no longer necessary.


I think that using your own blood will be more efficiently. Because when your using your own blood while giving an offering or trying to summon an entity will help you immensely to establish a much more powerful link with that entity and much faster. In the past someone was proposing me and was giving me advice to use my own blood or kill an animal (she said that a bird would be ok) to use the blood… I denied killing an animal and then using it’s blood for summoning entities because I really can’t do that, I can’t kill an animal for nothing, it would be too much for me… Most of the times when I see spiders/flies/mosquitos in the house I don’t do anything to them and sometimes I free them on the window if I can. Sometimes I use my own blood, but I’d suggest you to not use blood for every entity, just for the entities that are close to you. I don’t suggest you to kill an innocent dove… That’s horrible.


A dove has always been a symbol of comfort. In Mesopotamia, doves represented Ishtar/Inanna, and by extent love and fertility, though in more modern times the dove had become a symbol for peace.

The other side of peace, and comfort, however, is stagnation and indolence. Growth and progress often thrive on struggle and battle. To sacrifice the dove is to push your limits, giving up comfort and stagnation to the tides of change, which the very catharsis of blood sacrifice would do to an urban and rational man anyway.

Consult with your deities, for the details, however.


Here in my country most people use the blood of dove to summon spirit and for most ritual doves are involve.
Some sacrifice them on herds and mix their blood in water to clean them of unwanted energies and to stop eating in dream since it is consider as bad luck here.
Crowley will sacrifice three white doves into the triangle of manifestion to evoke demons.
Some of you will find that art horrible,but any herbalist here will see it as normal art.
And what of those who will burn live baby human to summon spirit,and that is an art i will say is horrible and terrible.

There is absolutely no reason to torture and kill an animal for your own spells. Use your own blood if you think blood is necessary.


Your blood is, by every definition of the word, the most intimate record that you have, the logbook of more than just your lineage, but of everything you are, and more importantly, could be.

I would advise against giving something like that to any spirits, safe for those with who you have already engaged in more intimate connections than blood. It is that requires the utmost care.

@Arcane, what would you consider to be more intimate than blood? Being in some type of long term relationship with a spirit? (Not necessarily sexual, but as mentor or guide of some type)

Or is there something else that goes beyond even that?

I refer to the dissolution of all boundaries between the magician and spirit. In such a case, blood is an amplifier, a gateway, a dedication, an offering, and more, but not the full vehicle of connection.

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Ah, ok I see.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Errr wrong!!
I’m a herbalist and I find even the thought of sacrificing a dove abhorrent!
Not sure if you have confused herbalist with some other practice??

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Herbalist can be a term for a black magician, in nigeria I’ve heard the term. Key phrase you likely should have paid attention to was “in his country”.

Thanks @Justin, yeah I’ve just read it again and you’re right, I did skip past that bit (In my defence I hadn’t had my morning brew yet).

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I was dickish as well, for the similiar reasons, I apologize for my tone

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That’s true but you’re forgetting that, in most religions, the animals which were sacrificed were eaten after that ritual… a lot of people participated and nothing was wasted, not even the bones (which were later used for runes or something like that).

So I think it is completely acceptable to kill a chicken because you would probably eat and indirectly kill a chicken anyway, now it has just two purposes… But killing an animal like a dove, snake or whatever just to “offer” it and throw it away after that (preferably in the garbage bin instead of burying it right?) is just wrong imo and I think many demons/gods would agree. Especially them who are dedicated to protecting animals and nature or to whom these animals are sacred.


To echo the comments above… if you can’t get animal blood from someplace you’re not planning to eat from, I never recommend killing an animal for only it’s blood. Aside from the fact that you can unnecessarily torture the animal if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s wasteful to seek only its blood. If you kill the animal, at least put its bones to use. And if you’re not going to eat it, give it the meat to your dog or the neighborhood vultures at the least. (Actually if I ever have to kill a bird, even just a chicken, I would reserve a few feathers for Lucifer as well… it lasts a lot longer than liquid blood)

That being said, using dove blood is highly symbolic but so is using your own blood. In fact I think it’s more effective to use your own blood if you can since it shows commission to the path/the entity. (As a bird lover, I’d either have to be raising the birds myself for eating or be very desperate before I resort to sacrificing them and offering thier blood to demons or gods.) I’m not going to say that you can’t use dove blood but as a person who niether condemns nor condones animal sacrifice generally, I would highly recommend being realistic about what you will have to deal with once you get the blood and what you can put to use from the corpse. Animals, especially mammals and birds, are complex beings with a lot of small parts and a good bunch of it can be preserved, repurposed or eaten. Organs, especially the heart, can also serve as offerings. And it’s a good idea to ask the demons about it before using this in your own work. Some demons might not appreciate it and others might have a preference, but in my experience they’re not needy of any blood, much less that of a specific animal.

I’m not forgetting that point, I left it out because when it comes to cthonic entites, the animals were usually offered whole, at least as far as I know when it comes to the hellenic religions, or in the case of Azazel as the “scapegoat”. Cthonic being underworld dieties, at least for the greeks, it was thought by eating that sort of sacrifice a miasma would be taken in. Basically negative energies that had bad effects on people. Since he was speaking of demons, I assumed them to be cthonic and didn’t see a point of mentioning eating the offering.

To go a bit deeper, traditionally Hecate was sacrificed black animals, female puppies seem to be a favorite offering. These were typically buried , or the whole animal was burnt. While the celestial gods were offered the opposite, white animals, choice bits of meat, bones, were burnt, and the rest of the meat eaten by adherents. Interesting to me, times of animal sacrifice were some of the only times most of the poorer classes are meat.

Using your own is going to provide a link to
You and that is something you should take seriously before doing. Because you don’t know if 20 years from now you want that spirit knocking on your door.

I’m not really an advocate either way. I’m just throwing it out there to make sure you want a permanent link to that spirit.