While not necessarily magical, this is still possible good news

I have decided to try out this community college in a near by city. From what I’m seeing on the site, they seem to have more academic options than my last.

Unfortunately I’ve also been told that, like my last one, this one has an early college program. However, the one I previously gone to (before the Summer) was here in the country. Adult college students generally go to the city, so the one I went to was predominantly early college. Basically, it was a high school that would let in adults. I generally feel uncomfortable around teens. They’re lots of drama. Because the school ill (hopefully) be going to is in the city, I’m hoping for a larger 18+ audience.

Moved to Jounals, you can keep this kind of thing together here without it being removed for being off topic. We’ll call this a result of your manifestations as a magical human :slight_smile: :+1: