While I was Meditating

So earlier ,meditation is still all brand new to me
I went outside to smoke a blunt hit it 3-4x i wasn’t looking to get high just to relax and tap in .

So felt the buzz
Close my eye and starting breath but focusing on my inner self and reflection /
After a while breathing in and out , I think I drift to a mild sleep, . But I was slightly aware, and slightly not , was gone almost 1hr , while in meditative state I felt like I came close to bright ball of light shining but the moment that contact made , felt like it made a sound (like Tinnng) Lol the impact
wake me up and my heart rate was up and beating I had to take rhythmic breath and calm my self down.

For you guys that are more experience with meditation , why could that have been , share some light if you may…

I felt good , I might use the weed technique more but I don’t want to rely on it.


Okay, substances are fun and can make a ritual more fun. However you should realize being under the influence of anything changes you slightly. So when performing it can help/hurt depending on you. You don’t wanna be fucked up and do/say the wrong things, improper intent. Try Theta Gamma state multiple times, in multiple states of mind to truly unlock its potential. Experiment with techniques.


Beautifully said .
What’s was the best TGS technique You find more effective , As I see slight variances all over ?


The easiest way to attain that state is to daydream. However you start to focus on mantras and enns before you’d drift off. It helps to have candles and incense going. Candles depend, usually I have a black candle and dragons blood incense.


I agree @BadSanta personally I am an accidental Astro projector so don’t aid my meditation apart from candles, Incense and oils, I like to have full control, in my opinion you my have reached a point in the meditation for something to happen and With practise you will get past that moment and see what is being offered to you, it takes time and the more you do it the deeper you go.