Which thoth tarot cards does E.A use in Mastering Divinations course?

Since there are several types of thoth cards available, I am confused as to which one would be the most appropriate?


The Swiss version has better color quality but only come in the pocket version (unless they finally put out a larger size, if so get that one). I have the smaller Swiss deck and the larger cards as well and I don’t have a problem with the color on the larger cards and prefer the larger size. The smaller ones come with a few extra versions of the Magus card, but they were versions Crowley tossed out because he didn’t feel the were right, so the regular Magus card is the one he okay’d, the extra cards were rejected by him. They may have better ones out now, I’ve had mine for over 15 years, so I am not positive.

Thanks for posting, I think I would prefer the Swiss cards as well because of the bright, vibrant colors and the ones of a larger size. So, the one E.A uses is the regular Magus card? And does it have 80 or 78 cards? I also saw that it has a unicursal hexagram/OTO card.

I am still at my wit’s end though as there are so many options. Would you or anyone here be having a direct link to the cards which E.A uses?

EDIT: Seems like greenbox Weiser edition ISBN 0-87728-452-0 - is the one which E.A uses, it does not have the other magus cards and has the unicursal hexagram card. Am I right?

From one of the reviewers: You can read the other reviews about beauty of the artwork itself, while I’m focusing to describe this particular edition compared to other editions.
This large Thoth deck (ISBN 0-87728-452-0) is printed in Belgium, but fear not; The cards do not have the feared greenish tint. Deck contains 78 cards plus a rainbow coloured Unicursal Hexagram card and O.T.O. card. No extra magus cards.

Anyone who can thrown more light on that?

Pardon the inordinate restlessness but it will take more than a while for the cards to be delivered where I am, so I need to decide fast.