Which Tarot Decks Do You Personally Prefer & Why?

Greetings BALG Forum memebers,

As some of you already know, I posted regarding Koetting’s Divination course. So far, it’s one of THE absolute best investments I’ve made for myself on The Path.

I do not own the Thoth Deck however and am vaguely familiar with it. I do own the New Golden Dawn Ritual Tarot Deck, and originally purchased this deck for learning. However, after watching Section# 4 in the course and how EA explains the cards (stripping away any & all unnecessary info), I’ve come to understand Crowley’s layout and reasoning much better.

*I’m debating whether to get the Thoth Deck?

I also own The Book of Kaos Deck by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, which I really love because of just the raw imagery & power…its straight forwardness.

However, I’m coming from many years of study with the Yi Jing (I Ching) and one of the reasons I’m completely switching to Tarot is for my own re-birth. With that being said, I’d like to hear what others have to say about their own personal decks & WHY they work with said decks.

I thank you all in advance and as always…BE WELL!!!


The Thoth deck is nice, I use it and the standard Rider-Waite deck. The Book of Thoth by Crowley is a great accompaniment to the Thoth deck as well as giving a deeper meaning to Tarot in general.

I’ve been meaning to pick up the Rumi Tarot which has a Persian style to it along with verses from Rumi. http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/rumi/

I’ve had the thoth deck, when I first started with all this I stood in front a tarot display case and of the 100 or more decks it was the only one that stood out.


I just checked out the Rumi Deck…it’s pretty bad-ass man!!!

i have an african deck

inspired by the raider waite deck or however u spell his name???..

i prefer it because it helps me connect to my african ancestors

BOOK OF THOTH…it’s worth it, if not for the divination purpose then surely for the art as the pictures on each card are timeless. I also have a Rider Waite just for the sake of tradition.

Agreed, No other art work from a deck hits me quite like the Thoth. Certain cards just give me an instant feeling. I got the Rider-Waite out of respect for the fact it was the first deck to assign pictures to the 1-9 cards might as well have the classic.

The Cagliostro deck is nice as well. That’s my fathers main deck and Inalways enjoy having him do a reading with it.

LOL…I just bought the fuckin’ Thoth Deck today y’all!!! I believe the “small” deck size? It’s in the purple box. Anyways…fuck it. This is the deck that’s in the course…I got it.

I think this will be a great deck to learn on however. I must say energy wise, The Book of Kaos Deck really resonates with me. But one step at a time.

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I think that the Thoth Deck is great and will serve you well. BUT SOME OCCULT 101…

When a deck of cards, or a crystal or anything else is screaming at you then you should purchase that deck. Your spirit is trying to link with something to communicate with your conscious mind and maybe for you to resonate well with a deck it should be the Khaos deck. Just sayin!


I think the small deck size is the size above the playing card size “Pocket Swiss” deck. They may be your standard size which are really great for appreciating the art. Congrats on the deck you’ll most likely enjoy it. You just got to get used to the Court cards being rearranged which isn’t anything major.

You’ve got me interested in the Book of Kaos deck now… Just what I need more decks.

If your getting good readings and resonating with your current deck stick with it. The Thoth is a beautiful deck and is sure to be appreciated but if it doesn’t speak to you like the other your better off just setting them back and just admiring them.

Hey all,

In my deck, what TWF referred to as “The Pocket Swiss” edition, I noticed that the deck does NOT contain the Unicursal Hexagram? Is there a card in the deck I have that is substituted?

Now I DO have the edition with the three (3) Magus cards. Recommendations welcomed - keep all three? keep the one that resonates the most with me for reading/learning this deck?

thanks again!?!?!?


Cool. My deck had the unicursal hexagram but not the three magus cards even though it said it would in the description (fucking Amazon). Some read with all three but I wouldn’t as it’s not how I’m accustomed to reading.

Find the one that resonates with you. The standard one is the “Hermes” style magus. I was planning on using the tribal looking magus if I had gotten all three. Hold onto the spares magus cards as you may feel different energy from each and may want to experiment with reading with the different “aspects” of the magus.

thanks TWF! I shall heed your wisdom.

kind regards,