Which stock do I invest in?

I heard a magician say that one can know which stock to invest in. Is this true? What is your experiences? How does on do it? Through divination or evocation of a divination demon?

Follow up question: would it be easier to predict the future of stock or influence the business’s success with evocation?

I’m sure E.A. covered this in an interview or newsletter before October 2013, a date I mention because it was one of the pieces I read/watched before joining the forum - I’d downloaded a bunch of stuff onto a laptop for breaks while I was decorating and my mind’s eye/memory say I was in that room when I came across this. Maybe someone else will know the exact link?

In general, I would say, educate yourself on the mundane level about the markets, then of a pool of likely options, ask spirits which they recommend (Amaymon and Clauneck are experts, also perhaps Belial) and also, which outliers they suggest (if any).

I can’t go into more detail for Reasons :slight_smile: but that’s my great big sign-post level suggestion.

It’s probably easier at first to predict/find the flow and go with it, than manipulate things - IMO anyway.


Determining what stock is a good investment is all about being able to detect trends and how different trends interact with one another. The matter is complicated as well due to the fact that there is a tremendous amount of insider trading in the stock market. The SEC is a joke and only once in a while makes an example of someone to keep up the illusion that they are doing anything worth while.

Its a lot like gambling, and in some trade facets such as index options (ex: SPX), it is absolutely gambling and the house (banks who write the options) always win in the end.

The future is also malleable, further complicating the matter, thus meaning any divination, or any entities good prediction, can change on a dime from totally accurate, to totally inaccurate as the energy shifts rapidly via singularly powerful individuals decisions.

I have one suggestion I make to people who really want to get into the stock market, especially day trading: dont, unless you are willing to spend vast amounts of time learning and studying it. You CAN be successful in the stock market, but the people who are, who make a living off of it with their own money, make that their overriding goal in life and can work in excess of 80 hours a week, easily.

Id be very careful about specific investment advice from any source, only because there are so many unknowns and things can change so rapidly and seemingly for no reason (a lot of that is insider trading).

Perhaps though, if you can get wind of what the insiders are about to do, certainly that would be in your interests. Entities could be very good at detecting those hidden but planned market movements, and letting you know whats about to go down, if you both liked the idea of doing so.

Just be careful about starting to see entities as get rich quick predict the future machines though. I cannot imagine many would be very content playing that role for you more than maybe once or twice.


I heard a magician say that one can know which stock to invest in. Is this true? What is your experiences? How does on do it? Through divination or evocation of a divination demon?

Hi, I am afraid I am responding late on this because i noticed it a bit late too, and after I did, I tried my hand at peeping into the future for you. I got this… Not trying to discourage you in buying stocks and shares… You must go to the website: www.anyoption.com and begin with just $200 or £200 if you live in the UK… Stick with it and you’ll make a million out of that before two years are gone or if you truly put time to it. You’ll make a million before the year 2017 is over…
Try, trading and let us all know… I need to know anyway, if I got it right… i am not into it myself… But you won’t go wrong with this… All you have to do is visit the site at least once a day to check how your investment is doing… Well, that is the advice I got, for you…

I don’t do stock trading, but I use divination with sports betting. I usually have a 70% success rate, and I always make profit.


In his book “Summoning Spirits”, Konstantinos mentions a planetary spirit called Riprinay. His office is, and I quote: “Riprinay has the amazing ability of seeing into the future to predict economic changes.He can help you plan which stocks to invest in and foresee market conditions that will give you an investment edge in other areas as well.”


should that be a pact in case I need permanent positive results ?

You can’t guarantee permanent things just by sealing a single pact, if only life were that simple.

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@ashtkerr your post really interests me and I would like to know which divination system helps you predict the matches and how to make the right picks. thanks

I work for a trading firm, so I can also answer the technical part.
First: learn to remote view, if you don’t already. Remote view the company’s decisions but also know which departments to look into. You’ll also wantv to look into what kind of news is about to come out, and look into the future about their decisions, and news on them. Also look into when it will be low, so you can buy low.
Second: you can pull cards on this if you cannot remote view
Third: you can even ask the spirit who created/founded the company/find the spirits the company works with etc…