Which spirits can help resolve codependency issues?

There’s still a small part of me that is codependent on others, and that stems from emotional and psychological abuse and neglect that I experienced during my childhood.

It’s really holding me back and I’m interested to know which deities or methods/approaches/etc can really help me with resolving it.

How would you go about resolving something like this, especially if it was causing unhealthy/damaging spirit attachments (the Dead, mostly)? I’m aware meditation will help, but which techniques or methods would you use to help resolve things?

I’m thinking maybe working with Belial, Lucifer, and Santa Muerte (breaking bondages - Belial, healing/correcting the ego, building self-confidence - Lucifer, healing the self-esteem, psychopomp work for moving on from the old, unhappy memories, maybe some reprogramming my subconscious mind, exorcism - Santa Muerte) will work out for me, along with my own efforts. Particularly since I already work with these deities now, and I have enough on my plate without adding more spirits onto my plate.

I’m not sure what else to consider in my situation. The Dead are tricky, I had no idea what was going on until recently when Santa Muerte showed me very clearly what was going on. There’s a deceased soulless shell that a small part of me is not wanting to leave behind. He and the others with him are causing me to doubt myself, to forget who I am at times, and they’re causing issues that is interfering with the beginning of my Ascent. They’re deceptive and manipulative, they appear like people I know and trust, and things like that. What I saw was the damaged part of me that I’m trying to heal clinging onto this particular Dead guy - like there’s a small part of me that is inappropriately loyal to it. Extremely unhealthy and very alarming.

I went through Hell on Earth just to accept damnation, and I’m not prepared to let some Dead, soulless shells hold me back in my Ascent. They’re only after my energy, whilst appearing to be “friends”.

So I’m looking for solutions, and I have part of it, I’m just not clear on what else I need to consider.


Well, to take care of a problem – you must take care of the root of the problem. So it seems like a spirit that can help with emotional and psychological healing will be best for you. Also shadow work as well. Healing spirits like Marbas, or Raphael might work but it’s seems less physical (injury/sickness) and more of the mind? So a spirit that is well versed in matters of the mind.

Also I based this off the first few sentences as, you mentioned childhood trauma and emotional/psychological abuse/neglect which to me seems important to start to heal.

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I agree, that makes sense. Santa Muerte can do the healing, she’s a wonderful healer of the mind as well as the spirit and body.


Wouldn’t a cord cutting rite with santa muerte help you get rid of the dead? (Or something of that nature)

Although you unconsciously cling to one, that doesn’t mean you can’t consciously override that attachment.

After that it would be a matter of looking at, identifying, and resolving the underlying issue that created those attachments.

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Once you experience independence and the ability to stand on your own two feet and look the world in the eye, the rest will fall into place. Not saying the others can’t help, but Belial is just so good at it…


Dont know how helpful this will be to you but do some shadow work, cord cutting, reiki helps. I would ask Death, Santa muerte, Belial, Azazel, Bael for help. Death helped me get over my grandfather’s death. It was really bad because he died in my arms when I was 16. So there was a lot of emotional trauma. Bael also helps with emotional trauma.


I’ve been doing shadow work for nearly 5 months now. I’ve made a lot of progress, but this codependency BS needs to stop. As I’ve said, I’m already going to throw Belial, Santa Muerte, and Lucifer into the ring to help me resolve this, and I already work with Azazel for removing fears, lies, and other bad emotions that linger or would hold me back.

I know what you mean by Death helping to heal the trauma or grief caused by death. My grandfather passed on recently and Santa Muerte has been healing my grief very nicely. :slight_smile: She’s certainly made it a lot easier on me.

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Agreed, and that’s partly why I’ve decided to work with him on this as well. :slight_smile:

Yes, in fact, someone suggested working with Belial because Belial stepped forward to this person and gave him a tie severance ritual to give to me precisely for cutting ties with the original attacker, as well as with the Dead who were used to attack me with. It’s going to include certain crystals and grave dirt. I’m just waiting on the crystals to arrive before I do this ritual with Belial. I’ve already added the part where we examine the rot causes of my codependency to my petition to Santa Muerte. All that remains is to give her a tributa at the graveyard before work starts.

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Belial if you have or really wanna develop a backbone. You may also find insight into other codependencies.


I’m already doing the Gatekeeper pathworking with him and have worked with him before on things. :slight_smile:

Now … Santa Muerte … that’s the one you need a backbone with. :wink: