Which spirits can help me make my younger brother stop harassing my parents?

Firstly, I want to share my story. My parents allowed my brother to go to university, but he didn’t pursue his studies. Instead, he engaged in promiscuous behavior, spent money on drugs, and eventually dropped out of university. My parents and I tried to help him, but we are unable to do so now. He has borrowed money from someone else and burdened me and my parents with that debt. I can’t tolerate this any longer. My kindness has its limits, and I no longer wish to tolerate his actions.

I simply want to know if there is any spirit that can help me make my brother disappear from our lives. I don’t wish to cause him harm because, after all, he is my blood relative. I just want him to stop disturbing my parents. He can do whatever he wants, but I don’t want his actions to influence our lives.

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Are you familiar with the books from the Gallery of Magick? Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield has a ritual called Force Exile that can be used to get rid of someone. It essentially pushes them out of your life.


I don’t have that book, but you’ve given me an idea. i can use Universal Magick to craft a state of desire, as per your suggestion.


@Thanh_Truc Maybe your brother needs healing, spiritual healing? Who knows what’s ailing him? Maybe it’s internal trauma, maybe it’s some sort of planetary or ancestral affliction…Some other kind of hex or curse on him?

When young people act out like that, it can be due to simple immaturity, but it can also be something deeper. Compassion and spiritual healing may be a better route, I think. Placing a curse on him may effectively destroy his whole life, whereas some assistance from Archangel Raphael or some other spirit could effectively resolve the situation in everybody’s favour. I think there are currently much enough curses and pain in the world.

Maybe he’d benefit from some form of therapy, but spiritual healing at a distance may be the best approach to get him in that place where he’d seek that kind of help if still necessary.