Which spirit is ideal to consecrate scrying mirror?

I’ve only seen Astaroth being suggested on another post but are there others?

And do I draw the sigil, open it, ask it to consecrate the mirror and leave it taped on the back of the mirror or do I burn the sigil after the consecration is done?

Astaroth or Vassago if you prefer the demonic. Lilith, Leviathan and Belial can also be used.

Satagraal, the Grand Demon of the Kingdom of Blue Flame, rules over the currents of seership.

The archangel Gabriel is the angel of Vision and Prophecy.

The Moon if you want to go with straight planetary magick. Any Moon goddess will work (a very simple consecration is to leave your mirror to bathe in full moonlight for a night).

Mirrors belong to the Water element so any “watery” spirit can technically be used to consecrate a scrying mirror as well.

You can draw the seal of the spirit on the frame of the mirror and on the back, in an oil that corresponds to the sphere of the spirit or with something like Bardon’s “fluid condensers.” You can then speak an invocation and ask the spirit to bless and consecrate your mirror.


Thank you. So Astaroth for example, instead of drawing the seal on paper, I engrave it onto the mirror with the fluid condenser and open the seal and ask for the consecration.