Which spirit for marital counseling?

I’m having marital issues and was wondering which spirits are known for their relationship expertise/wisdom in this area and could counsel me on how I should deal with said issues.

Also this may seem like an odd request but which spirit(s) would tell me more truthful info about the Abrahamic/Hebrew/Judeo-Christian God of the Bible, Jehovah aka Yaweh aka I am that I am (I think you know who I’m talking about lol)? And for that matter, Jesus too. Or would most spirits roll their eyes at such a request or just tell me half-truths or cryptic responses.

Hathor for the marital thing, she’s excellent - search on here for her name for posts on that.

I’m going to give it to you straight, Paulden. I think you need to stick with the pantheon of your Judeo-Christian/Jehovah’s Witness background.


I’ve noticed that you’ve been here since 2014, asking questions about the occult, and two years later there’s still no posts about your actual experiences with the things you’ve asked about.

No experiences shared about the beings (Judeo-Christian or otherwise) that you’ve summoned, no results you’ve shared about the spells you’ve cast.

You read others’ accounts of their conversations with beings that they’ve evoked, you ask them to ask the beings questions on your behalf, you’ve even twice asked people to summarize their experiences for you, but you haven’t talked about your own conversations with the beings. So it appears that you are curious enough to ask and read, but not curious enough to try stuff out. A magician staying in the safety of the armchair, as it were.

Also you continue to reaffirm that you believe in only one true god, and that it is the Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic God, that he is the most powerful, that he created all, that the “fallen angels” are limited by this god in what they can and cannot do, and that you will not put any other gods before this god, and that there is the possibility of punishment at the end of your life if you resort to magic, and that some things/people are categorically evil, base and defiled, and some are good and clean and superior.

It’s important to note that I’m not putting down your faith or you. If you could hear the tone of my voice as you read my post, you could find that my tone is neutral, soft. It will stay neutral and soft for the entirety of my post.

It’s perfectly fine to have faith, I respect your faith. But it sounds like you’re pretty set in your conclusions. That only Jehovah and his people are who you are to commune with, and that magic is off limits at the risk of your afterlife. I understand all this, but I’m not sure if there’s room for the occult to flourish there.

Without allowing for what’s possible, and without trying for yourself to learn what is possible, what success can you expect with magic?

If you strongly believe that practicing magic will jeopardize your afterlife, why would you ask others to jeopardize their afterlives by practicing magic to find the answers for you? How does jeopardizing your afterlife indirectly in this manner, by willingly having others jeopardize their afterlives for you, absolve you from punishment?

Ultimately, if you will not practice magic, then what do you hope to achieve in a forum about real magic, real results? Just keep reading and asking? This forum encourages study not only by reading and theorizing, but also by doing. While reading along and asking questions gets knowledge and sates the curiosity, how will inaction bring your goals closer to achievement? Will you apply the knowledge you’re gaining here, or will it forever remain theoretical - hoarded treasure that loses all value as a pile of something that never sees usage for its purpose?

And one must be careful to see the knowledge here as just reading material. People bled to discover this knowledge. I and my friends sure do. As did the predecessors of everyone here, those who were tortured and killed to preserve occult knowledge through the ages. People bleed and die still for this knowledge. Many of us are resigned to live in the closet in order to wield the knowledge so generously given here. It is easy to lose sight of all this, to forget the value compounded to this knowledge in the form of human lives and hardship. There is a value to the knowledge shared here, a value that makes this knowledge a thousands times more than reading material for dabbling and mental play.

The armchair’s allure is not lost on me. Taking the first steps can the the most terrifying. Funny how getting started seems to be the biggest challenge to many things in life. But if there’s something that I have discovered through experience, it’s that no matter what pantheon, what religion, what practice, beings are hesitant to speak with a person if a person is not willing to speak with them. Or they’re already talking; you just don’t hear them. Which brings me to this: you hear the ones you are most open to hearing. It’s a communication barrier issue, and a matter of opening yourself - your senses or your willingness - to be able to communicate with them. As the magician, the human being in this magical equation, you’ll connect with the occult when you’re ready and willing - perhaps when the spirits have deemed that you’re ready, but more like instrinsically you are ready by your own choice and design. This is a UPG that I’ve seen confirmed by others many times over, but most importantly, I can personally confirm it because I’ve tried it. Experience is how magic becomes real.

So it would seem that you’re most willing to speak with and listen to Jehovah, and with his angels, rather than demons and pagan gods and so on, which you’ve said so often enough. That is fine. You wish that your god would speak to you the way demons, ghosts, spirits and such speak to some of us, I understand. Still you may have a better shot hearing from Jehovah and his angels than you are with anyone else, until you feel you are ready and open for communication. Right now, you’re staunchly aligned with Jehovah and the angels of your religion, to the near exclusion of all else. Because of this, I suggest going to Jehovah and his angels first.

Gabriel was the angel who came to Mary to tell her Jehovah’s message that she’d have a son, so I’m thinking that Gabriel’s a good one for communication and family.

How do you feel about saints? For love and marriage, I immediately think of St. Valentine.

Likewise, St. Joseph is a patron saint of husbands and fathers.

Jehovah himself has been called a god of love - that he in fact is love - for he so loved us that he gave his only son to save us, right? I would suggest talking to this god who knows intimately what love is. Same for his son Jesus, who loved us enough to die on a cross for us. Perhaps they can help two people grow closer together through a deeper understanding of love, thus also growing closer to Jehovah through a better understanding of him.

If you have a Bible handy, ask it your question, flip to a random page, and place your finger on a page. Read the passage that your finger falls upon. Contemplate on that passage’s relevance to your situation. Sometimes the Bible might speak in this manner.

I found a bunch more angels and saints that specialize in difficult marriages, but as I haven’t heard of some of these I can’t vouch for the authenticity of this information. They could be based on video game characters for all I know. I’ll leave the googling to you.

Hope this helps.

Whatever you end up doing, whoever you end up summoning, I look forward to reading about your results. Godspeed Paulden.

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Thanks for following me. I understand your thoughts and you make some good points. :slight_smile:

I’ll keep in mind what you said…