Which spirit for being someone’s center of attention?

Hey there!

I was curious which spirit you report to give the effect that you are the targets primal desire and to get attention back?
There are some who could do that but perhaps someone has a good result/story.

Blessings :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::angel:


I recommend Ishtar. Absolutely the best love worker in my opinion. I love her :relaxed:

She works fast and super accurately. I’ve had a manifestation in less than 11 hours when she’s the one I petitioned.


Cool thanks for reporting! Ishtar is underrated! I will consider her!

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Sallos and Sitri?

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I considered them already but I thought someone had others in mind with results

Ive no results, sorry, I don’t do love magic, and Im trying to stay away from dating people.

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Duchess Gremori can help.


Try Lord Pendralion, he is good for charming others or be seen as someone of importance. but i noticed Lord Pendralion might not be very good for love issues.
My other alternatives would be:

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Oh thank you! This post is already a bit older, so priorities have shifted but perhaps anyone new to the forum may learn something
I must say that @Nolan_Toney is right, Ishtar can make them really obsessed even with you, great results.

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wow! :thinking: ishatar huh! if she is that very effective as you claim, may be i should try her out on my next project, where i would need clients to like me and love to buy my new pos software.

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Ishtar’s magick is incredibly potent, so make sure it is exactly what you want before you commission her. In my opinion you should be ready to strap in for a long journey if she casts for you.


Is it true that ishtar Ashtaroth has a different mask?

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I’m not sure what you mean exactly but I do get different vibes/energy. I do call Ishtar with the help of an ancient chant/song that is on YouTube, sung by a mezzo soprano in Akkadian.
Astaroth feels more primal, dangerous. Ishtar gives me maternal goddess energy.
But you know, at the end it’s all up to you, if you are a ver low person or if you are already on a very spiritual path.

Where I can get ritual to connect Ishtar

That is what i am wondering as well.

King paimon, belial Cos they have an ability to directly Influence someone’s mind
I saw an article few days ago that belial can directly hack unto A human’s brain as it opening a folder or smthg in ur mac book u feel my drift?


Afaik Ishtar is on the more intense and dangerous side. I would work with Astarte or even Aphrodite, Venusian deities with a calmer and sweeter attitude.

Though for spells like these demons and angels would work better, simply because in my experience deities expect your regular devotion before giving you much while angels and demons are fine with one time deals even if you don’t worship them. So yeah.