Which spirit can help with redirecting rage/anger management?

I have bad anger issues and unsure if this is interfering with magick or can potentially help me with my magick. I get ticked off every second. I hear about needing to have a clear mind and getting all the gunk out of the way before performing magick or any ritual but I’m starting to not even believe in that anymore. How is it even possible to rid the gunk without having the know-hows? I know the things that tick me off and these are things that just don’t change. Hence, the question. I am looking for a spirit to summon that can assist with redirecting rage. I have Bael in mind for that but would he be a good choice for it?

Energy working. You don’t have to bring it all up and mither about it, cleanse out the blocks and focus on having a very healthy liver… avoid liver toxins like drugs, alcohol and caffeine for a while.

You can check this is you go to an acupuncturist and get your live meridian energy read, you may find it’s disproportionately high. Rebalancing it with foods that nourish the liver and avoiding toxins will help a lot.

More tips for balancing this aspect of your being:

Sprit wise Raphael, Marbas, Ebuhuel.

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I would consider evoking Buer, perhaps over some time.

According to Demons of Magick, Buer has the following powers:

To bring healing and recovery from disease and illness

To speed recovery from an injury

To give a greater understanding of personal urges, and the degree to which they help or hinder your current path

To ease the mental suffering caused by dark perceptions of the self

To enable you to learn about legal issues rapidly whether from a personal or professional perspective

I would journal about the rage that you experience to clarify what you are experiencing. I would then ask myself what is causing this rage to arise.

If you can find the underlying weakness which is causing the rage to arise, then you will know where to focus your magick.

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This is very helpful. Thank you.

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Buer is listed in Goeta Pathworking for subduing anger as well.