Which sigils/seals worked best for you?why?

I am making up some large sigils to put up in my sanctum for my nightly workings. I am making both Goetic and Dukante. I wondered. Which sigil have people found worked best for them- and maybe have they figured out why. I also wondered if anyone has gotten sigils ‘reveled’ to them which were given kinda as a “this is just for you and me kid” type of thing. I keep getting a impression to also come up with a 'personal sigil- but I am pretty damn sure it will be with the particular entity present. anyone got things to say?

I’ve used both. The ones that are given/revealed have been more pertinent to my situation. Others like bind runes, etc. can still work.

The difference being in my experience that revealed sigils come with the sure knowledge of direct contact and deep mind states which are a keystone for effective magic. Sigils that others have used successfully, goetic, runes, etc., etc. can give confidence, which is also necessary.

To sum up magic, use what works.

Sigils are doorways to specific currents and entities.Something like a door.You open the door and you have contact with them.But this doesn’t mean that because you contact them they’re eager to grant your wish.
IMO all sigils work if you open them…

By the way i noticed that the old sigils of michael and raphael were better in contact…

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Different sigils produce different manifestations of the entity. Each sigil contains a snapshot of that spirit in a particular pact and system. For example, using the Goetic seal of Astaroth, he came as a man. The Grimorium Verum seal produced a female manifestation that blurred the lines of the demonic and deific masks. The seals you use are going to be the ones that the manifestation of an entity is closest to you.

Do you mean the Heptameron ones or there are even older sigils for the archangels?