Which sigil to use for removing a person from your life

Hey guys,

There is this guy who is annoying the fuck out of me. He is trying to impose his stupid thoughts and will upon me and threating me by telling the owner of the house that if I dont want to do what he says that he is going to tell her to kick me out.

I really do not want to beat the shit of him but I am really close of doing so, he is just full of jealousy that I get more attention than he does.

Anyways, I need someone powerful to use to completely vanish him from my life, he is trying to sabotage me and I just had enough. He thinks he is a fucking pharaon and all this shit. I’ve come to the conclusion that dealing with “spiritual” people is a royal pain in the ass. Most of them are making stupid claims like this idiot to try to make people obey them in some way shape or form. Anyways, yeah. I need something powerful and quick, I dont want him to get here. Just want him to completely remove him from my existence.

Thank you guys

This really works: Vovin’s Freezer Spell.

Its a guy how post "the princees pea " spell,ritual,i did adapt it, it works,chk out in tis section, i draw in calendar, seal rvht in living room, the pressure. Was noted, try it

Oh yea his name here,is the cusp, great guy,