Which sigil and amplifying pattern to use for maximum destruction

There is an organization which has caused myself and a lot of people unnecessary distress. I am sick of that company and I basically want to fuck them up. I am fascinated by amplifying patterns, such as the Hexagram and the Circle with, more circles around it on the outside, as explained in the books by Charles Cosimano.

  1. Which amplifying pattern is the strongest? I know there are also other amplifying patterns, but I would love to hear from experience which amplifying pattern will people recommend to be the strongest?

  2. I then plan to put a photo of the organization in the middle of the amplifying pattern and then to put a sigil on top of the photo of the organization. I would love to hear which sigil would people recommend to cause the most damage, maybe a sigil from Andras.

I would love to continuously cause fires on their premises, but I am not sure if their is a sigil for that.

In one of his books Charles Cosimano explains that you can take a photo from a neighbours yard, then put it in a Hexagram and put a specific I-ching pattern on top of the photo, this will cause heavy rain on the premises. I would love to hear people’s experiences with this, as I am a beginning magician and using amplifying patterns, really feels to me like a very easy process.


Gosh, I miss Uncle Chukie’s sense of humor ;-). I have read many of his books.

The right person to ask about the amplifying patterns is the Mastermind himself. You can contact Uncle Chukie via email. His email is [email protected].

You would love to continuously cause fires on their premises, Seriously?? Lot of innocents may get caught in the crossfire. I suggest you come up with a plan that does not hurt innocents, but fucks the people responsible for your distress :wink:

You are absolutely right. Sorry, I was just furious when I wrote the post. lol.

Shit happens ;-). Never take a decision when you are angry :slight_smile:
Im sure, you will come up with a better plan to make those suckers pay :smiling_imp:

Would love to hear how this goes :wink:

Thanks, I have cooled down. I actually don’t care so much about the company anymore.

I have learned a lesson, don;t be too quick to action, maybe wait a day or two. I will continue to do research.

However, in future I will first look at a binding spell, if it is absolutely necessary.

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For now, I will put my plans on hold. I will continue to do research, but I have learned a lesson, to not be too quick to action, one might target the wrong person, if you are angry.


@Antichrist its good to hear that you are learning :wink: Keep it up bro :slight_smile: .