Which section does EA cover on how to communicate with spirits?

Hey guys, I’ve managed to get myself the “Mastering Divination” course. I’m wondering wich section does EA covers on how you can see, hear, communicate with spirits? I’m really excited!

Hello there, by now you may have viewed some/much of it (?) section 1 is overview-conception (which has some mandala-seeds in it), and the rest of the sections are really about how-to Communicate with (ie Oujia board being either unspecified or a specific Entity you have “connection with”… then developed to AutoWriting… ) see hear would be in the four-steps of different skrying mediums (starting with fire)? -“seeing” being different than Omen-reading (tea-leaves, and __)

Section 5&6 is when it picked up for me (as I came to this being familiar with much of the earlier tools- but clicked together, there are some that posted about either skipping steps or skimming and then didn’t get much out of… while the development of each step reveals things that can’t be said (in the sense that driving a car, or riding a bike, can be described, but that doesn’t teach the “muscle memory”- developed new neural-pathways…which allow access to prior-unseen vantages and pathways.

(i'd def build up to and even cycling "back to the drawing board".. but <I posted before about> a combo of the "Afterlife Hypnosis" & the Expert in a chair (there and Here, respectively)...  done simul-overlap and integ..  and with that facility a whole new palette (for Contact with an type of Entity- as well as the "Knowing"that arises from say the Cards <as a whole pattern, and ea indiv card- what do they say? where do they take you?  internalize that Knowing- and that sensory is used in Contact with Entity.. and Spirits become more understood as not just a Phantom-seen like a cartoon in the air, but- via that other sensory..

Congrats- and luck.