Which planetary energies are good for Healing depresion

I need to help my grandmother to heal depression whith magic which planetary energies can do so?

As a man who has dealt with depression for a majority of my life, the closest to a cure I have ever had was to sit down and really understand the roots. To force my mind to no longer run away from the issues, and see them for what they were.

This is obviously easier said than done, and I refuse to stand on some soap box, stating that I have always handled it appropriately. Some need help to face them, some need time alone, and others still just need to know someone loves them as they face their endeavors. I have shared resources and I will once again suggest the app Betterhelp as it aids anyone who cannot afford traditional therapy to reach a therapist at an affordable price ( $70 per month compared to the traditional $150 an hour).

As far as planetary help, it depends on the root of the depression. If it stems from general self loathing or romantic endeavors, I recommend Venus. If it is facing one’s fears or other shadows of the mind, the Moon. If it stems from speaking but not feeling heard, Mercury. Money issues, Jupiter. Finally, if it relates to her own mortality or the loss of a loved one, Pluto or Saturn (depending on if you are looking just at the classical planets for things like Magic squares or going to a more modern system).


For a female in this case grandmother, the Moon. In general for every variety of depressions Jupiter. Chiron the healing asteroid/comet is another good one. The Moon energy can help with emotional issues. Depends very much on what the depression is caused by to be very specific.